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a picture of a wild cat

Zyra's open-toed shoes

Affiliate TrackerZyra

Approved Car Finance

Hot Cola - how to get hot fizzy drinks

Rubbish Security and Identity Theft

A cat sleeping on a computer that had been converted into a flower pot

Jiggling Banners and other Annoying Advertising

Zyra - curious picture

Ariel Automatic

Flash Photography of Landscapes and Flash Astrophotography


Mouses? An interesting insight into the way the mind works

Hoax about the Windows XP Service Pack 1 (Express) - Critical Update

Picture of a cat in the bath

Online Pharmacies

Avecho - worry-free e-mail


Setting up your own boozer at home

Buy.at / Perfiliate

Forzieri - Italian designer fashion accessories

Fruit Machine Bits For Sale

Virtual Headshop Cannabis Cafe

What happened to the iceberg that sunk the TitanicWild Cat

Viagra Spam

Gerbils - the alternative document shredder

What the Hell do You Think You are Playing At


JML - online shop channel

Confusing packaging on generic prescription drugs

Hard Disc Drive Data in Peril - art gallery by Xytron

Attix 5 Backup 360 computer files backup services

Caesar's Last BreathExamples of stock at Paramount Zone

La Boutique de la Porcelaine de Limoges

MEWJY - television film production company

Dell Computers

DIY approaches to mending hard disc drives

Mortgage Spam - with bad spelling and random nonsense

Paramount Zone

Reader's Digest Australia

Capital OneWhat secrets hide in your dustbin?

Restore Classics

The Scam not exclusive to Nigeria


What would tea taste like if it was brewed in a rubber hot water bottle ?

TELE2 - unlimited use of the phone

Terrakt in Australia! / Insurgents in Russia!

Unexpected Appearances

DVD OrchardA CAT sleeping on a computer that had been converted into a flower pot


Toast-o-graph thermal images of hot toast

Dr Gadget

TopShop Australia

TV CLIQUE - The Set - of places that are tuned in to the same idea

Web Impact


Waterworld - myth and science

Coral Poker - gambling and chance - skill and luck at cards

The Cat Caption UncompetitionChallenge Casino


Challenge Casino

Possible solution to the NO BANNERS VISIBLE problem

Clover - nice picture of a cat

Computer Recipes

Dark Matter and Dark Energy - a different way of looking at it

Cat Table - for attracting moggiesDr Gadget

Picture of a flower in close-up high resolution to show off the camera

Saving yourself from Wild Tigers by wearing a Mask on the back of your Head

Some of the pages at the Zyra.tv site

VCR - Video recorder - category of video recording possibilities

Mysterious name appearance in fruit - Selective Baddening of Bananas

What's happened to Challenge Casino?

Choosing Your Own Domain Name

How to Hypnotise a Chicken

Image Source - royalty free pictures

Everything But The MusicBanana

Stringfellows Retail

PLAY - Movies Music Games

Scarborough Railway Station

Change the header title of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

The Spirit of The Shortwave

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one hears it, does it make any sound?

dead shop - fashion

Wardriving - wi fi on the move

The North Magnetic Pole of the Earth is actually a South Pole!

The Sun; power (watts), mass (kilograms) etc - star power put to the test

TSF1 - motor racing

How to get a Dot TV Domain rockets2.jpg

Airtours - travel - flights

Herbal Health 2u - international herbal health superstore

Chaotic Backup - computer data fallback backup system

Rocket engines on show

2-Fore-1 Golf - the game of golf - equipment

Best Before Date - food is edible even after a longer time than stated

Heightened risks of terrorism on Eurostar

Key-Golf - on the green etc

Love Scent Pheromone

The Patent Office - problems

You're either With us or Against us - pontificating politicians

Pavlo 88 hoax message - be sensible about incoming messages!

Pax TVTech Fever


Tech Fever

The Gag - conjuring tricks - magic - jokes

Virility Health

Titanium Concepts

British Telecom Post Office Tower - a landmark in London

TSP Grand Prix Tickets

Fake Drugs - why they're a bigger problem than at first thought

Surely Hydrogen would be much lighter than Helium?

RATS; almost a brilliant business scheme!

In2skin.com body-piercing jewelleryDot TV domains

Extreme Pie - sportswear, surfwear

LDate - Lesbian Dating Agency

Sea World Nara Resort - hotel with dolphins in Queensland, Australia

New Line Cinema Studio Store - Lord of the Rings and other movie stuff

The idea that you can win on a slot machine by putting a big magnet on it

The Triangulation Scam - don't be fooled by it!

Heavy objects float in Mercury

Live to 100

Alternative to having a Franking Machine for business Postage

Ampules - laboratory glassware for sale

Argos by a Customer

BetZoneAtomic half life

Dog's Health

Gambling Place

Hair Logic

What is HALF LIFE? - radioactive product decay explained

Lucky's Casino

Link Your News

Picture of Handling Mercury

No USA flight transit: Air Travel avoiding transit of the USA

Snooker/Pool ball floating on liquid metal mercuryOutsmarted.com and SubmitSmart.com

Palladium - the threat to personal freedom

Reader's Digest REALLY DO give away prizes


Lunokhod - Russian moon landing - but where are the photographs?


Voodoo Machine / Voodoo Magick Box

Bingo Liner

Zyra's Circular Issue99 Newsletter

Picture of a Dead Rat

Krakatoa WEST of Java or Krakatoa EAST of Java ?!

Avoiding your money transiting the USA!

Satellite TV cable

Sea World Resort


UK Gay Life

Yahoo Problems

Use Care When Typing Web Address

Using rocket boosters to land

Cult and Religion

dot TKFive Phase Electricity

Dot.eu Cybersquatting Domain Scam

Game Village

Picture of Zyra : Introducing 5phase electricity

Insure and Go - Customer Testimonial 3

More T Vicar

Common Mistakes in Movies

Panic Mail - don't link!

Panic Mail - emails designed to scare you into clicking on a nasty link

Pitch Well Group Limited

Pyramid Casino


TK Maxx Credit Card Fraud

Crawling Through Ventilation Shafts



The Sound of a Falling Bomb?

Merchant List List


King.com - UK

Racing UKQ-See


Deceptive Delay in Digital Photography on some Cameras

Conservation of Indigenous Beliefs


The old Bostan Removals multi-link page

The old Bostan Removals front page which was at Web Impact

Feature Films For Families


Chargrilled T-Shirts

China; Olympic honour or disgrace?

Rip 101

Subtitles or Dubbing? Which is better?

Vivid Racing


Picture of a pool with still water

Photo of a Green Iguana near a Swimming Pool

Swimming Iguana

Photograph of an Iguana at the bottom of a Swimming Pool

An Iguana running around on the bottom of a Swimming Pool

Photo of an Iguana

There's an Iguana in the Swimming Pool so Zyra decides to go in to catch it

Moving closer to the Iguana

Zyra swimming down into the deep end to approach the lizard

Nearly caught the Iguana ...but not quite!

Shucks! The iguana is now off to the shallow end!

Being Careful not to tread on the Tail of the Iguana

In Pursuit of an Indeterminate Iguana

The lizard is up against the wall

Get that Iguana!

Careful engulfing of the Iguana in a bath towel underwater

Bringing the Iguana out of the pool

Placing the Iguana (wrapped in a towel) on the lawn

Unwrapping the Towel to reveal the Iguana

A Fleeing Iguana!

Picture of an Iguana with a long tail

The Tale of the Lizard


Let's Get Rid of Getty Images?

Picture of a Cobra - deadly snake

Lloyds TSB Home Insurance SCAM warning

Lloyds TSB security email message?


FOOSA! - in Madagascar?


Akbar Travels Online


Amazon Bookshop - Are they really anti-Gay?

Snags with the Amazon Affiliate/Associate Program

Opportunity for making a Great Discovery in Biology

The Buy.at Contract - and what's wrong with it?

If you Escape as a Tax Exile, make sure you REALLY ESCAPE!

Chimps Tee Party

Extreme Pie : Outdoor Clothing for Women

Fight Superstore

Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp - its closure and reparation to victims

Zyra photo; for those who feel All At Sea on the Internet

Pure GPS

Hallmark E-Card - or is it a virus?

Zyra and Toxic Drums

Money 4 Gold

Nobel Peace Prize Mistake

Ex-presos políticos: en Cuba, Monseñor, hubo y hay persecución religiosa

Sleep Radio

Sri Lanka


The Link (mobile phones)

Affiliate Rocket

ZYRA's front page at FREESERVE


The 'GLOBE' photo



More links than a Gambling Directory/Portal

OLD page of More Than, with Cats


Birds in a Flower Pot

A Cunning Supermarket Trick to Skimp on the Value of Goods on Sale

Totally Wicked


Vuvuzela Alternative Ideas

Wreckers False Lights

Defend TradeDoubler!

DVD Region Coding

Globe TV

LineOne Tiscali 'free' CDs; are they really free?

The Zoo is being Refurbished


SKY Digibox

TalkTalk Webspaces LOST

What might help Norse Beliefs have a revival

ZYRA's front page at TISCALI

TISCALI review by a customer

We Admire

Paul's TV


Shades of Grey - video starring Zyra

Zyra - Shades of Grey - Part 1

Zyra - Shades of Grey - Part 2

Zyra - Shades of Grey - Part 3

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