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China; Olympic Glory or Disgrace?

With the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing there is the opportunity for China to show the world its True Colours. The Olympics is about sport rather than politics, but at the same time there is an aspect of the Beijing Olympics 2008 in which China is being put to the test as a country fit to compete in the modern global economy. We the people of the world will be the judge of China, and the performance will tell whether China is performing well, in such competitive events as human rights, cultural finesse and diversity, sustainable industrial development, and modern freestyle speech.

In the years running up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the world saw great hope for the country of China. In 1997 Hong Kong was handed over to China when the lease ran out. A modern prosperous commercial Capitalist city being handed over to the Communist government of China, at the time there were fears that the city would be demolished and the land turned back to swamp. To the credit of China, this is not what happened. Instead, Hong Kong continued to be run profitably, and that prosperity was spread into mainland China. The Chinese nation was onto a good thing, and was well on the road to developing into a free market economy. A further clue to the advancing culture of China can be seen in the improving fashion of folk. A while ago, everyone wore conformist Communist suits, which was a bad sign. Now, the fashion-sense is much more diverse, and it may yet be that China may overtake the West.

At a time in history when the United States was falling into disrepute with the world, for invading other countries for no good reason, operating concentration camps, and in other ways being a threat to liberty, China was quietly buying up sizable portions of the US national debt.

Although in previous times the United States had had a glorious space program and had pioneered landings on the Moon, the progress was by now being neglected, and now China was able to get the limelight for launching a spaceman. There is honour in achievement, but also these days there's honour in being able to admit being in the wrong if you've made a mistake. At the time of the space program, China admitted that the Great Wall of China not the only man-made object visible from space. Such commendable modesty was notable in contrast to what some other countries' attitudes were about other matters.

China has reason to be proud of the success of Chinese Food around the world. Chinese restaurants, Chinese supermarkets, and other unofficial embassies of Chinese culture around the world are present and ubiquitous and give a positive impression of the ancient culture of China.

Another of the things the West can commend China for is in numerous instances where you see the words "Made in China" on countless everyday objects. It is an astonishing marvel of the modern age in which China is able to mass produce quality goods in vast numbers at prices which are so amazingly cheap! How do they do it? It's not Communism; you didn't see many bargains "Made in USSR"; it was "Made in Hong Kong", as the prosperity is from the free market economy which China now has. This is to be encouraged.

The hope is that Human Rights in China continue to improve.

When the International Olympic Committee decided to award China with the honour of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, it was done subject to conditions of human rights and good behaviour internationally. I don't know the exact conditions, but history records that the Olympics were held in 1936 in Nazi Germany, but were cancelled in 1940. The point here is that if China misbehaves in Tibet, the International Olympic Committee could cancel the 2008 Olympic Games. That would be an embarrassment for China, a loss of face. Even if the Olympic Games are held, the eyes of the world will be on the behaviour of China and what happens about Tibet. Almost all of the world has freedom of speech to a large extent, and the news these days has moving-image footage of events, including images taken by tourists.

There is a solution, and we will see if China passes the test and does the right thing. That solution is to either grant Tibet independence or to allow Tibet to become a self-governing region in the same sort of way Hong Kong is. That's a success. Other great empires in the past have been known to grant independence to places. The United Kingdom allowed Jamaica to become an independent country, for better or worse. Belize, again independent of the UK. Some of these places might not be run very well, but at least they have been allowed the freedom to go their own way. So, how about Tibet being allowed self-determination from China? The world sees the granting of independence to a region to be honourable. The world sees heavy-handed tactics to be dishonourable. Most notably, the world SEES what happens and judges the country on its performance. It's interesting to see what Amnesty International says about this!

So now let's see if China performs well. We will see.

Update 2010: Sadly, the result is NOT GOOD. China is still occupying Tibet and has still a shameful record on human rights. Even the Olympic Games were blighted by some appalling cruelty and mismanagement, although it was not humans, but cats, that were the target this time. Someone in charge considered cats to be untidy and wanted them be removed so as to "tidy up" the city of Beijing so it didn't look so untidy for the visitors to the Olympic Games. The result was a cat holocaust with the officials hauling away thousands of cats in cages, to death camps, to die of starvation and disease. However, Darwinism had its revenge on the Chinese government. Soon after they got rid of the cats, guess what happened?: A plague of RATS upon the city. That was because there weren't cats to catch them. So, when visitors came to the city of Beijing for the Olympic games, they saw a rat-infested city.

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Plus, if they couldn't even get that right, even when given the opportunity to do the right thing, then how sad it is that they invaded and occupied Tibet

Fascist behaviour to do with the Olympic Games is not exclusive to China. There have been other countries (!) which have done this sort of thing, and some of them have come a cropper.