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United Nations Human Rights website - was www.unhchr.ch - but now claims "directory browsing is not allowed". However, since when is linking to www.unhchr.ch directory browsing?!

Director General of Human Rights - was www.humanrights.coe.int

United Nations www.un.int - Pending possible removal? If the UN adopts a policy of imposing religious censorship, against free speech, this link will be removed, and the UN could be reclassified as AGAINST HUMAN RIGHTS. See http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=%22united+nations%22+and+islam . Well, we'll see. Hopefully the UN has more sense!

LIBERTY Human Rights

LIBERTY - campaign against censorship - was www.liberty.org.uk - gone, or hushed up?!

Amnesty InternationalAmnesty International

International Society for Individual Liberty (Gone! was http://www.seventhquest.net/isil.org/index.htm)

Amnesty International* Special Amnesty International UK feature where you can make a difference!

Amnesty International Peterborough & Whittlesey

Refuse and Resist

Digital Freedom Network

LGBT - various groups campaigning for human rights versus discrimination against people on the grounds of sexuality or gender identity

Commission for Equality and Human Rights UK

petition against European software patents - was http://petition.eurolinux.org/

Resources versus slavery and forced marriages

Tibet and Burma

Human Rights First - campaigning for the closure of Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp and other Human Rights issues.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

Campaign to release Juan Carlos González Leiva

No more Magna Carta?


Juan Carlos González Leiva update (in English) // en Español

Advierten sobre alianza Castro-Chávez-Lula

Monseñor Higgins bendijo a Castro en La Habana

Ocho funcionarios desnudan, esposan y golpean a preso político

Ex-presos políticos: en Cuba, Monseñor, hubo y hay persecución religiosa

Other miscellaneous specific stories of injustice are explained in detail at various independent websites.

Children's Rights Alliance - gone - was www.crights.org.uk

Some of the links that were on here have been moved to the Libertarian Contacts Page. Recommended!

Especially, considering Juan Carlos González Leiva is being imprisoned and mistreated in Cuba on the basis of being "a terrorist", how about some news on the concentration camp run by the USA in Cuba? Psychological torture is evident from the news footage, and the same excuse "we can mistreat them because we call them terrorists" is being used. It's a bit dodgy having a concentration camp for political prisoners, don't you think?

News! See Refuse and Resist + Amnesty International

* HUMAN rights? Obviously the rights also apply to all sentient beings, whether human, alien, or cyborg. Aliens visiting the planet Earth should have "human rights" extended to them. Cyborgs, whether a result of creation of new artificial consciousnesses, or by the resurrection of previously-human personages, should also have human rights in the same way as the people who are made of biological matter.