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Gay Flag - rainbow coloured - symbolising diversityLGBT
Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgendered

International Lesbian and Gay Association. ILGA is a worldwide network of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations working for human rights and against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Love and Pride
Jewelry designed especially for the Gay and Lesbian community. Items include the LWord® and Queer as Folk® jewelry collections

The Daily Hookup
Daily deals for smart gay males

Gay Center.org
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center - New York

United Belize Advocacy Movement - a rights based approach to reduce stigma and discrimination

J Fflag
Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-sexuals and Gays

SASOD - was http://www.geocities.com/sasod_guyana/
Guyana : Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination. SASOD is a group based in Guyana which is committed to eradicating discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Asociacion Hombres y Mujeres Nuevos de Panama

(Association of New Men and New Women of Panama) - sadly http://www.ahmnpanama.org/ seems to have been invaded by cybersquatters

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission - Human Rights For Everyone. Everywhere.

Argentina - where there is some progress but there's a long way to do. Also what about ALIT? OTTRA? ATA? (Transgendered). These should have websites with a proper hosting that won't unexpectedly overload. Give Vivostar a call!

ProGay Philippines
The fight seems to be against misrepresentation by religious fanatics.

Rainbow Alliance of the Bahamas
"The Rainbow Alliance of The Bahamas is committed to affirming the dignity, diversity and human rights of all human beings"

Gay Activists Alliance
Highlighting various issues including some of the problems in Africa.

"The GAAI are peaceful but demonstrative groups and individuals from the worldwide community that lobby and campaign for the equality and human rights of Lesbian,Gay.Bisexual,Transgender,Intersexual and other Gender Variant people around the world"

Brum Bi Group

UGLAAB - was http://www.geocities.com/msm_nopoliticalagenda/Pride03/7.1.UGLAAB.htm
United Gays and Lesbians against AIDS Barbados - also see
www.globalgayz.com/barbados-news.html - Shucks! also gone.

Bisexual Cafe

Lincolnshire Kaleidoscope - fighting back against thugs and homophobia in one of the more oldfashioned counties of England - was www.lgbtlincs.net

SMUG - was www.sexualminoritiesuganda.org - Sexual Minorities Uganda
Well at least someone's fighting for freedom in Uganda! However, if the bigots and christianists get away with imposing a law putting the country even further back into the bad old days, Uganda could cease to be a "Developing County" and instead be a "Retarding Country". See
http://gayrights.change.org/blog/view/stopping_gay_genocide_in_uganda and www.care2.com/causes/human-rights/blog/ugandan-gay-death-penalty-bill-one-week-closer-to-passing-another-week-of-protest/ for example. Also see Gay Rights Uganda

OLKE - Greek

The New Gay.net - various developments

Arcigay - Associazione Lesbica e Gay Italiana

Sister Namibia
Fighting for Lesbians (and other folks too, you know) in Namibia

Gays and Lesbians Zimbabwe
Freedom-Fighters in a tyranny that's probably even worse than Belize! - was www.galz.co.zw

Others to be added!

Typically a GAY page always has a few adverts for a few of the more open-minded dating agencies and other places! So, here are some:

LDate - Lesbian dating agency - women meet women

Gay.com - Gay social networking and dating. Genders include male, female, transsexual MTF and transsexual FTM.

UK Gay Life - men meet men.
UK Gay Life

Plus, of course, increasingly other
dating agencies make no big fuss and give you the options.

Love and Pride

Love and Pride - jewellery

Argos Travel Insurance

Argos Travel Insurance - gay-friendly travel insurance

Now in case you're wondering "This isn't for me, because I'm not gay", well, think again! For one thing, most people are bisexual to a greater or lesser extent, and that's the true default, multisexuality not monosexuality as had been believed in the old days. Also, you don't have to be primarily gay to become the victim of homophobia. It's a bit like saying "I'm not into witchcraft so I don't need to worry about the Witchfinder General and the Inquisition". Well you DO need to worry about it! There'd be no problem is people had a Live and Let Live mentality, but as soon as you get prejudice and discrimination there have to be groups to fight it.

The problem is that the religious extremists, right-wing supremacists, narrow-minded people, and those who are unable to come to terms with their own sexuality, make a big fuss and make wildly speculative guesses about people based on their appearance, musical tastes, body language, and suchlike, and then you have to fight to restore reasonable fair play.

If the same extremist religious bigots who started the "down with gay people" nonsense had also persisted in their similar "down with left-handed people" campaign which they were also hellbent on at one time, we would now be seeing a reaction and the emergence of such hypothetical organisations as the International Left Handed Association and the "Left-handed, Ambidextrous, Unidextrous, and multi abilitied Society" etc. As the prejudice is against anything non-normal, the additional groups of oppressed people get added to the already extended acronyms. Hence, you see things like LGBTTA etc, or even FABGLITTER.

Aficionados of shellfish have been spared this, even though some early religious texts also regarded the eating of shellfish as "an abomination". So, these days, you can eat your lobster in public without people eyeing you up a bit funny and giggling and whispering salacious things in the background. Otherwise we'd now be having the "International Lobster-eaters, Crab-enjoyers, and Prawn appreciators society" and there would be secret clandestine meetings with undercover fishmongers attending such speakeasys to provide their services, hoping the authorities didn't get to hear you were eating forbidden styles of fish

It's sad if there's an ex-Nazi religious bigot pontificating in a Xmas message of hate, but it's sad for them and their outdated belief-system. If you believe in freedom instead, how about stuffy people having freedom to believe that type of nonsense if they want? Such enthroned clerics bring shame upon their own Church as they have also in the past denounced and condemned cats, Galileo, gravitational theory, original thought, and a variety of other things which were later regarded as either harmless or progressive. Shame be upon such a Church that fails to accept diversity and human rights. Plus, some of the world's environmental problems would be best served by having some commonsense in contraception and family planning.

Incidentally, it is true that the term "lesbian" is derived from the name of the Greek island of Lesbos. That is because of the fame of Sappho and the other Lesbian Poets. If you are interested in going on a pilgrimage to the legendary island home of Sappho, you might consider our Travel Resources! It's surely a fact that the island of Lesbos prospers twice as well as it would were not so blessed with such a notable historic character as Sappho.

There was a serious question raised in 2009 as to whether Amazon USA was somehow prejudiced against gay authors, as at Amazon USA all books by known gay authors suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the public Bestsellers lists. However, it was said to be A GLITCH and was not intended to be censorship or homophobia of any type. To find out whether Amazon was anti-Gay you can look this up and find the answer here.

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