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A cybersquatter is someone who has registered another's name or trademark as a domain name with the prospect of selling it to the rightful owner. It's a form of legalised blackmail. They steal your name and use it to damage your business or reputation. However I have heard that cybersquatters do not sleep well in bed as they are plagued by nightmares from the bad vibes generated and the fear that they may have cybersquatted the name of anyone who is psychotic and may assassinate them. Sometimes they also suffer from tragic misfortune in life because of people using witchcraft against them.

If you are the victim of cybersquatters it may lead you to commit suicide or murder, so it is best to prevent the problem before it happens. To do this, when you name yourself and buy your domain, it is advisable to buy the different forms of the domain and register them all.

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If you are the victim of cybersquatting or you know of cases of murders and/or suicides involving cybersquatters or anything of interest in this you may be able to contact us to see what we can do about the evil practice of cybersquatting and what's best to be done to stamp it out!

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Incidentally, never underestimate the evil of cybersquatting or the level and stealth of revenge. I have an extreme belief on this, in a style reminiscent of the Islamic Jihad, as I believe that if they steal your name it is like they are stealing your soul. Therefore nothing is ruled out, and nothing is too extreme in terms of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.