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Introduction to the Internet - things to learn if you are new to the Internet


Internet service providers

Search engines



Banner exchanges

Internet radio

Cyber cafes

Internet Freedom

Unmetered Access Internet Connections


World Wide Web

Domain names; country codes

Domain names: Buy your own

How to Read a Web Address (url)




Internet Phone

How to change your Internet Browser Homepage



FTP sites

Internet Browser


Save the Web

Down with Facebook - The Internet will be better without it

Chat - for example http://www.molokosynthemesc.com/chatfloat.html

How to find stuff

Submit your website to search engines

Also see Webmaster freebies available from Bravenet

Affiliate programs

Internet services

Web Browsers

Internet Tools

Skype, Verizon Voice, and other kinds of VoIP

How to get a free website


Bandwidth of hosting your website

Social Networking - antisocial networking

Webpage clever tricks

How to avoid catching viruses

Please link to this site!

Spirit of the Shortwave

Sling Media - your TV on the Internet

An especially good site ABOUT THE INTERNET is Richard Lowe's www.internet-tips.net. There is a lot to be learned from looking at that site, partly because of the useful information there, but also because the site itself is done very well and sets a good example to webmasters!

News (2002/12): Gone! Why? Also, a broken-link checking program came up with the error http://www.goawaystupidbot.invalid/ error code: 12007 (no such host), linked from page(s): http://www.internet-tips.net/

Also worth having a look at is Netcraft, who will give you uptime figures for sites. Have a look at this:

My site's uptime, and... Top uptime stats, where you can find your uptime - was http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/today/top.avg.html

Plus: dbPerl's Database Scripts - Generate custom perl database script online in less than one minute with add, edit, delete search and webmaster backend routines

And: www.grsites.com - where you can check your website's search engine position

And: Kloth.net - all kinds of useful things!

Also see: Glyn Wadbrook's Form-to-email form in php. - was http://www.glynwadbrook.com/genform/

Incidentally, the Internet isn't just stuff on computers; it's a medium which is resulting in global cultural change, mostly for the better. The Internet is more "democratic" in ways which old-style democracy isn't. The key feature is that anyone can stand on their own soap-box and be heard around the world, rather than just within a few yards of their patch on Speaker's Corner. This change may result in governments as we knew them in previous centuries, becoming a thing of the past. It could be a new libertarian future.