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HTML/Java Tricks

Programming and clever tricks with webpages

So far on here we've got:

RELINK - automatically redirects from one page to another. I've even seen this used as a slide show.

Zyra's downloadable desktop icon link - using relink, this takes the form of an icon which you can download and save on the screen of any cyber cafe which is without a link to the WEB

Earthquake by Bravenet - somewhat disconcerting screen-shaking effects achieved by some Java code.

No Right-Click - stops SOME users from snaffling your images using mouse right-click.

Clickable background colours - allows customers who prefer a different background to alter it!

e-mail address hiding - helps to stop spam-bots harvesting your e-mail address from your website!

things to beat spam bots that fill your online form - a few ideas

00-FF - understanding Hexadecimal colour shades

The famous JavaScript Clock

And also a few sites where various techniques are given away...


Dynamic Web Coding



Some of the authors explain how they work. Some assume you will guess. But the source code on the Internet is always available because of the way it works.