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The ancient and noble art of computer programming is a sport which exercises the mind. It existed as a form of wizardry in the 1970s and before, and was popularised in the 1980s with such things as the BBC Computer Literacy Project. Unfortunately it suffered a decline with the invention of WIMP operating systems and almost died out. However, learning Computer Programming should not be missed out on just because it's gone out of fashion, and it may make a comeback with the advent of Linux and the new fashion of the 00s (zero-zeros) decade in which cleverness is considered a good idea. I RECOMMEND computer programming, and may at some point (see NEWS point below) include some programming environment and tuition on this website. Kids on being introduced to programming for the first time have commented that it is "the wickedest thing ever", ie presumably even more wicked than some of the high-speed all-action 3D computer games which were around (late 1990s). But don't take my word for it, try it.

Helpful hints: A good MANUAL is required. Also, practice. Gnu C on Linux (ANSI C, not C++) ... worth looking at, Any BASIC on a machine regardless of whether it's an ancient museum piece, with a manual, worth considering. Knowing a programmer WELL RECOMMENDED. Most importantly, don't give up.

News! It is now possible to get a good start in computer programming by running BBC BASIC on the PC

Another way into this field can happen when you start altering and adapting HTML source-code in web-pages. This is easier than might be supposed. More advanced stuff can be attempted even without having to understand WHY it works. See HTML Tricks. There's a good learn-to-write-html guide by Annabella at Annabella.net

Do both! But, if it's a choice of one or the other, go for the Computer Programming via Basic and then go on to do ANSI C. You can program ANYTHING that way.

For designing web pages, HTML is recommended!

For a really easy explanation of what computer programming fundamentally IS, and why it's so neat, and not difficult, see Computer Programming Easily Explained