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* Unix operating system on a PC *

My computer has been much better since I upgraded to Linux.

For further information on how to get a decent operating system on a computer, here are a few contacts...

Hewlett Packard *

DELL *Link here for Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Places where you can get Linux computers

Linux Emporium

Linux Computers for sale at York University - was http://www-cgi.york.ac.uk/~elec37/nph-cgi-bin/stockpage?forsale.htm

Computer Recycling


Linux Format Magazine

Linux Distributions

Red Hat

Novatech - Computer Supplies *

europc *

Mac Mall - Linux as well! *


Eagle Computer *

Morgan Computers *

Micro Direct *

PC Mall *

Club Mac - Linux accessories! *

Yes, you can run Linux on an Apple! *

Epcbuyer *

wstore *

Novell Linux

Tech Fever *

Edge Tech Corporation *

Accountz * - accountancy software for Linux

Laptops Direct *

Planet Micro *Shop Maker eCommerce shopping cart software

Comp USA *

e-Linux *

Allume *

Linux.com - "A means to World Liberation"

Xyroth's Linux links

Linus Torvalds' Homepage

Linux Foundation

Linux compatibility of Maxtor OneTouch hard disc drive

Linux compatibility of Seagate external USB hard disc drive

Agnula - Linux for musicians - was www.agnula.org - has this gone?


Comprehensive SourceCode Database

MOTOROLA Linux pages - was http://www.mcg.mot.com/cfm/templates/swdetail.cfm?PageID=682&PageTypeID=10&SoftwareID=6&ProductID=172
Also see
Mobile TelephonesReal Linux

Open Source

Linux Preloaded - places where you can get a computer with Linux as standard

Wide-Open News

Simplicity Computers - Linux computers for the over 50s

Real Linux Campaign! Real Linux .tk and Real Linux !

Linux-based Computer Vendors - was http://www.linux.org/vendor/system/index.html

Also see our own list of Places that Sell Linux Computers

If Operating Systems ran the Airlines?

Debian - "The Universal Operating System"

Linux LabsLink here for Linux2order

Linux Central *

PPI Learning * - Linux courses available

Linux Brit

Linux HQ - was http://www.linuxhq.com

Polish Linux

Linux International

What is Linux? - explanation without getting technical!

What is Linux? - Red Hat explains it too.

MySetTopBox.TV - the home of KnoppMyth - set-top box for recording video digitally in Linux

Linux Questions.org

eee pc - Linux available as standard

Linux Archives - free software available - was http://www.linuxarchives.com

Access Space - in celebration of freedom in software

Linux Home Page - was http://www.linux.org

Eurolinux.org who are also hosting a petition against European software patents - was http://petition.eurolinux.org/


Linux GazetteSelect here for eLinux

Corel Linux - was http://linux.corel.com

Linux References - at Real Linux!

Linux Mint

There are a considerable number of Linux magazines available, in contrast to some vested interest computer magazines which appear to be boycotting Linux for some as yet undisclosed reason. Meanwhile some pro-Linux magazines have an almost revolutionary tone to them and some even include a flag to put up in defiance at the bland microsoftishness persisting in the oldfashioned world.

Linux World - http://www.linuxworld.com - looks like it's been taken over by Microsoft!

Linux Today - News

Linux Programming .com

Who Uses Linux?


Palestine Linux Users Group

Dmoz.org - we're listing them, even though they haven't answered our e-mails and still appear to be pretending we don't exist. Note: Zyra's website does exist! It's one of the most notorious affiliates in the world! Thousands of pages of real stuff. Maybe they're worried about being in competition! ;-)Real Linux

Open Source

XOXIDE - hardware with street-cred

Linux Focus - multilingual Linux magazine

Linux Weekly News ( http://lwn.net )

Linux Journal

Xyroth of Real Linux talks of the future of "Cheapest Linux Box" : http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/alabaster/F56429?thread=426911

Distro Watch - Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD


Fresh RPMs.net

Be Open open-source development (was http://www.beopen.com)


Slash Dot

Livna - was http://rpm.livna.org

Gnu C Compiler

Linux Documentation Project - was www.linuxdoc.org

Linux from Scratch

RPM Find.net - ongoing free updates and software packages

LinuxBazis - the only Hungarian Linux search engine - was www.linuxbazis.hu/?nyelv=en

Penguin ComputingLink here for Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Linux for Business

PPenguin - gone. was http://www.ppenguin.com/

Linux Newsletters

Linux Guide - was http://www.firstlinux.com/guide/index.shtml

Linux CAD

Linux Mall

Linux Kernel Archives

Signing up to the Hewlett-Packard Linux Newsletter - was http://hp-newsletter.m0.net/m/p/hp1/it/signup.asp?val=5

Campaign for Real Linux

Yo Linux

High-Availability Linux

Security-Enhanced Linux - was http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/

Floss Manuals - free manuals

Linux Books Online - was http://www.linux-books.com/ - see bookshopsDRM Free

A Linux Problem

Linux Bookshelf - was www.linuxshelf.com

Defenestration of the CueCat

Stuff about Posix Threads - was http://dis.cs.umass.edu/~wagner/threads_html/tutorial.html

Ernie Ball - Guitar Strings with no Microsoft-strings attached!

Ampro - Embedded Computer Solutions with Linux

What IS Posix anyway?

Kaspersky Labs International Ltd Anti-Virus! *

DV5300 Linux compatible

RackmountMart.com - "American Rackmounted Equipment Suppliers"

Linux 2 Order - "The Source for Linux Applications" *

Linux technical advice on the phone by KEEN *

Linux Servers You Can Afford by Dialtone *

Shop Maker - eCommerce software - happiest on a Linux server *Shop Maker eCommerce shopping cart software

Simply.com - Dedicated Linux Servers *

http://www.bright.net/~dlphilp/linuxsound/ - Linux Sound specialist site

When signing up for BT Internet and using Linux, sign up via BT INTERNET BY A CUSTOMER (so I get paid commission!)

(* = affiliate program)

and countless other contacts worldwide, which nodoubt will be recommended to be put on this page!

Linux isn't just for the PC. See: CRAY INC. ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR ALPHA LINUX SUPERCLUSTER SYSTEMS, ie some of the most powerful computers in the world use Linux. (was http://www.cray.com/news/0101/sc.html)

For those of you into Supercomputing on a budget, you can use Linux and your cast off machines to make a Beowulf Cluster

You can even upgrade an old-fashioned keyboard using special Penguin Keys

In Linux you can do proper computing, on a real command-line terminal!

For business users, see Linux for Business, and here are some important financial decision-making things to bear in mind:

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A penguin? Many sites will tell you about Tux the Linux penguin, but for a long time there have been places whose symbol is a penguin, for example, famously (right), Penguin Books

Linux is pronounced Lin/Ux, according to Linus Torvalds, who invented it. It's sometimes pronounced "Lynux", which is fair enough, I mean, it's open source, so you can pronounce it how you like. But remember that its inventor pronounces it "Linux".