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Here we have Comp USA and, despite their company name, they also ship items internationally! What's even better is they stock a lovely selection of Linux software and operating systems items, have a look:

Comp USA

Comp USACompUSA, Inc. is one of the nation's leading retailers and resellers of technology products and services. CompUSA offers its customers complete lifestyle solutions, blending expertise in technology and home entertainment for a one-stop shopping experience. CompUSA currently operates 229 CompUSA Superstores in over 90 major metropolitan markets across the United States and Puerto Rico that serve retail, small-to-medium businesses, corporate, government and education customers and includes technical service departments. Many of the stores include classroom-training facilities.


Larry Mondry, Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Headquarters:

14951 North Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75254

Company History:

CompUSA, founded as Soft Warehouse in Dallas, Texas, in October 1984, originally sold "direct" to business customers. The company then opened its first retail store in April 1985; opened its first Computer Superstore in April 1988; changed its name to CompUSA in March 1991 and, in September 1998, CompUSA completed its acquisition of the Computer City chain from Tandy Corporation. In March 2000 CompUSA became a privately held company.

If you have been tempted by this, then you may be temporarily disappointed, at least until this has been sorted out. Here's where the link used to be:


http://www.compusa.com affiliate program WAS with Commission Junction

The affiliate program worked very well at Commission Junction, and then those friendly people at CompUSA told us they were moving out of Commission Junction and going to Performics instead. OK, and all we needed to do was to sign up to the new network. Sounds fair enough. ... Trouble is, when applying to the Performics network so we could get on with promoting Comp USA as we had done successfully for some time, this is what happened:

----- Original Message -----
From: ClientAffiliates
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 5:29 PM


You will need to remove the Gambling section under "Categories" in order to be considered for approval into our network.

Thank you

Affiliate Customer Support

DoubleClick Performics | 180 N LaSalle St | Ste 1100 | Chicago | USA | 60601

Doubleclick Performics

Now come on, let's be sensible about it. Zyra's website is a site which has four thousand pages and only about fifty are about gambling. On that basis wouldn't the marketing company would also refuse their merchants permission to go in the telephone book because there might be a few casinos in there? Just take a look at the Categories for a while and see if you think an affiliate marketing company should try to impose their own outdated code of ethics on other people at the expense of the merchants they are supposed to be promoting. It is like a hypothetical Arabic affiliate marketing company insisting on banning alcohol across a network even in countries where it's legal. This whole thing attracts ridicule upon a system, especially in the modern free world where gambling is legal and people take an adult responsibility for their actions. Gambling has nothing to do with Comp USA, but stuffiness at Performics has meant they are missing out on some good advertising here! The free market economy has the emergent form that plenty of other Computer Selling Companies will fill the gap left by this omission, and plenty of other Affiliate Marketing Companies will note with some gleefulness the uncompetitiveness resulting from their rival's anachronism.

I hope that some day Performics will amend their policies and will accept the diversity in a directory which this site provides. Until then, they will just have to miss out!

Update 2010: Poor ol' CompUSA still missing out thanks to Performics and their prohibitionist stance. Meanwhile, other places that sell computers are doing well here, and Casinos and Gambling places are also doing well. The international world is a free market economy.

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