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Apple Store

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This page previously said "It's great to be able to finally advertise Apple Store at this site and to be good for business. Well done Apple on accepting our unusual site!"Have they slipped up there?

Apple Store:

"Apple Computer, Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of personal computers and related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions worldwide. It also offers a line of portable digital music players, accessories, and services.

The company’s products and services include Macintosh line of desktop and notebook computers; iPod digital music player; Xserve G5 server and Xserve RAID storage products; a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications; Mac OS X operating system; iTunes Music Store; and a portfolio of peripherals that support and enhance the Macintosh and iPod product lines.

The company also sells various third-party products, including computer printers and printing supplies, storage devices, computer memory, digital camcorders and still cameras, personal digital assistants, iPod accessories, and various other computing products and supplies. In addition, it engages in the online distribution of music, audio books, music videos, short films, and television shows.

Further, the company offers products and services for the educational industry, which include eMac, iMac, and iBook; video creation and editing solutions; wireless networking; student information systems; curriculum and professional development solutions; and one-to-one learning solutions. It sells its products primarily to education, creative, consumer, and business markets primarily through online, retail stores, wholesalers, resellers, and cataloguers".

If you have been tempted by this, here's a link:


Apple Store banner deleted

http://www.apple.com/ukstore affiliate program (which this site is no longer on) is with TradeDoubler. Well Done to our friends at TradeDoubler for helping to resolve an amicable solution to this situation. We will continue to promote many famous brands via the TradeDoubler network.

The logos and banners previously on this page have been substituted so Apple's logo does not appear on the page now this site is no longer on the Apple Store affiliate program!

Apple computers are available at this site via Mac Mall and Club Mac who are still happy to be included here.

iPods are available here too, for example via Postal iPod Direct

What an iPad can do with is... a Clam Case

Also, Apple Hour is a place for Apples, Apple accessories, peripherals, etc.

Accountancy Software for the Apple Mac can be found at Accountz

We may not have Apple, but we have got Orange

If you want to get an iPod Shuffle, a good place to go would be Laskys who are happy to be on here.

Beware of e-mails pretending to be from Apple AppStore. They are often NOT from Apple AppStore, and are instead phishing attack spam messages, similar to the ones from your bank. These are of course scams and you should be aware of them so you don't get duped! For more about this see the Apple Scam which was around in early 2010.

iTunes is the famous music brand of Apple. This is OK, provided you are allowed to emigrate and still keep your music collection which you've paid for. However, we have it on good authority that eMusic has tracks that are half the price of iTunes for the same music.

The iPhone is a fancy gadget, but I have heard recently (2010/03) that the Apple App-Store has a monopoly/veto on Apps and are currently disallowing all other web-browsers apart from Safari. Do you think that's fair? I am very wary of the iPhone, as I have heard that it is not open to open-source software, and that is as surely a warning as a field with a bull in it but only a stump of a sign which you can presume once said "beware of the bull". Update: If you want to break this abusive monopoly problem, do some searching for terms such as "Jailbreak iPhone".

iPhones are so expensive that if you own an iPhone, you might considering getting iPhone Insurance!

You may be wondering if iPhones have any secondhand value. Well, you can now get secondhand iPhones at SmartFone Store which could help.

The iPad is another device which gets the thumbs-down by the people at Defective by Design.org , and they describe it as "iBad".

Apple gets an additional thumbs-down for having a negative reaction to Wikileaks.

Apple also gets a thumbs-down for being prejudiced against a group for their religion.

Now that Apple have gone into the mobile phones business, they are expressing worries about what amounts to worthless patents in the little nitty-gritty bits within mobile phones (and other small gadgets). The problem is that, although it is unlikely, it is nevertheless conceivable, that Apple could go out of business because of patent trolls. Regardless of whether you like Apple or not, the idea of a company being busted by patent trolls and their nefarious business-model, is such that really the whole software-patents-nonsense needs to be abolished, preferably soon.

Update: Apple now looks like it has become a patent troll itself, and is pursuing a variety of meritless litigious cases. One of these involved Apple and Samsung, with Apple seeming to claim they owned the rights to any and all ideas for gadgets which had a rectangular screen with round corners, you know, like the Etch-a-Sketch, which was of course considerably earlier.

Please note that Apple Stores have nothing to do with Bad Apple Stores which are something quite different!