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This page is about an orange. However, it's not one to eat but the offers are rather juicy. There's all sorts of natty mobile phones at this site. As well as mobile phones, Orange also provide broadband, and USB broadband.


Today we keep 57 million customers across 17 countries in touch. They're not just talking - Orange makes it easier for them to communicate in ways that are richer and more engaging.

From their work life to their home life, Orange customers have the flexibility to choose how and when they connect to people, information and entertainment. We spend a little time listening to them. That's the key to our future success.Orange

Having established a strong presence in the UK as the country’s fastest growing mobile communications company, Orange began its international expansion.

Orange may have changed size as it expanded into new markets, but its ideas didn’t. It continued with the same commitment to making people’s daily life easier.

By the time Orange was sold to Mannesmann AG in 1999 Orange had launched in Switzerland and Belgium and had licensed its brand to companies in Hong Kong, Australia, Israel and India.

Latest handsets for pay as you go from Orange.

Exclusive Pay Monthly offers from Orange".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Link Here to go to Orange USB Broadband!

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