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Affiliate Window

The www.affiliatewindow.com affiliate marketing company

If you are are interested in making money by putting links on your website, or if you want to sell on the Internet, AffiliateWindow may a good contact to know!

Here's some information provided by the company themselves:

The Company

Affiliate Window was created in June 2000, and within one year has established itself as the leading player within the outsourced affiliate solutions market, with thousands of UK specific affiliates. The Affiliate Window technology is very sophisticated and powerful in helping e-tailers to market their goods and services via a host of websites in a cost-effective manner.

Affiliate Marketing

Online advertising models work on a CPM basis, this means that if you want to promote your goods and services via another website, you pay per thousand banner impressions. There are no guarantees of click throughs to your site. Even with a CPC model where you pay per click, you are still paying without any assurance that potential customers are actually buying or registering for your services.

With affiliate marketing, you only pay on results; therefore your advertising budget becomes much more efficient. Affiliate Window provide a merchant (the retailer) with an established network of affiliates (websites who will promote your offering in return for a small commission) and the software to be able to track all sales activity. Affiliate Window will administer the paying of commissions on your behalf.

The Software

Link HERE to go to Affiliate Window

And another good thing about Affiliate Window - they have generic text-links which no implicit cookies!

Special note about the £5 fee: I know this puts off many potential new affiliates, but bear in mind that you get it paid back to you when you start making money. Affiliate Window have had to introduce the fee to stop huge numbers of dodgy applications! It's also true that in theory you could potentially lose the £5 if your site is rejected, which is a bit worrying, and as a paranoid myself I can say right now it would put me off applying! However, I have known Affiliate Window for years and I believe they are a reputable company who are not in the business of just keeping people's money! If you are still in doubts that you're going to make money, and you're wondering if you're going to get your money back, or have other misgivings, here's a piece of helpful advice: Join Affiliate Future and a few other affiliate marketing companies first, and when you are making a reasonably reliable income, then come back to this page (which I hope you'll bookmark) and join Affiliate Window in a few months' time. It'll still be there. Normally I advise against joining any affiliate scheme where you have to pay up front (some of them are scams, you know), but I make a special exception for Affiliate Window as I have been able to trust them for many years. Zyra's website was founded in 2000, and in 2007 it was being paid on average over £1000 per month in commission just from Affiliate Window in addition to a wide spread of other incomes from other affiliate marketing companies. Also see What's it like to be an Affiliate?

Also see Affiliate Window Merchants List which shows you the merchants who are already on.

Link HERE to go to Affiliate Window

Other things about Affiliate Window:

* Affiliate Window grew and grew and got very big, and succeeded in taking over Buy.at , which is a good thing because at the time Buy.at was in shtuck having been beset by AOL.

* Affiliate Window used to be a Low Fuss Network, and although it's not "low fuss" anymore because of the extra fuss and "pending" things and refusals, it's still a good network, just not so good that it's "low fuss"!

* Affiliate Window is very proud to have won lots of awards. Some affiliates have made amusing comments such as "Affiliate Window have won the Affiliate Window Award for Best Affiliate Marketing Company" etc.

* Affiliate Window cajoled all affiliates into joining "Darwin". That's the new interface at Affiliate Window. This was a huge amount of clat. However, the Darwin interface is not as bad as had been feared, and isn't necessarily worse than the old interface. Also it does have some cute natty features such as swishy graphs which come up to show you how well you are doing.

* Despite various awkwardness, Affiliate Window is still a good affiliate network to join. There are proper text links, plenty of good merchants, and loads of opportunity. If you're going to have a go at making money on affiliate marketing, (what's it like to be an affiliate?), Affiliate Window is one of the networks you should join. You can join Affiliate Window here. Good Luck!