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Affiliate Marketing Companies

(Affiliate Marketing Solutions Providers)

The resources of affiliate marketing companies, companies who offer affiliate commission to websites who link to them and to their merchants who are advertised. It all helps to fund the site. What IS an Affiliate Program?. Also see Marketing Agencies

What makes a good affiliate company?Online Media Group

Are you into this too?

If so you might like to see some of these companies:

Commission Junction Affiliate Future.co.uk

DGM PRO / UK Affiliates.com (gone)



ClickXchangeLink here for Commission Junction

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Future
Now with three phases:
Affiliate Future America (payments in dollars),
Affiliate Future Europe (payments in euros), and the original Affiliate Future UK (payments in GB pounds Sterling).

Affinity Arc (gone)Paid On Results

FusionQuest - was Freefiliate

Income Access

DGM Australia and DGM India

Link here for TradeDoubler Paid On Results



OMG UK Affiliate Window

old Buy.at

new Buy.at


including Webgains USA

LinkShare - Welcome Back!

Share ResultsClickBank

PrimeQ (gone)

Silvertap / Affiliate Marketing

Brilliant Media

Altogether Ads Affiliates United



Affili.net TradeTracker


Steak Affiliates

ClickXchangeMillions Club

Affiliates United


Kowabunga! - MyAffiliateProgram affiliate system Silvertap

Affiliate Tracker - set up your own independent affiliate program

assistme.es - WAS the affiliate network for spanish websites. Now seems to have become something selling domains . I'd try Affiliate Future Europe for Spanish affiliate programs.

Affinity Arc Elogicom

Ultra Affiliate Software

Casino Profit ShareShare-A-Sale


PlugInGo (gone)

oneNetworkDirect - Digital River one Network Direct

BeFree (now part of CJ)

And others to be added.DGM2

There are some very good independent affiliate programs , for example AllPosters Zanox - the European affiliate network

Also see Public Ads, Affiliate Rocket, and Xyroth's list of affiliate companies

There is an affiliate marketing company which we're sadly having to avoid signing up to, as they are cybersquatting a domain which is a confusing mis-spelling of a well-known affiliate marketing company. Of course if they stop doing that and start being reasonable, they might get some more business!

WebGains All enquiries welcome, but please note that any sign-here agreements with anything approximating to "You the affiliate site agrees that we are to be the exclusive of seller of widgets (or whatever) on your site and that no other seller of widgets may advertise widgets on your site" won't be signed-up to, as that would be anti-competitive. This site puts the customers' interests first, so let's not have any exclusivist stuff here! see things we sign up to, or not here.

And now some more Affiliate Company BANNERS... PrimeQ


Link here for BeFree.com

TradeDoubler UK Affiliates.com
PlugInGo Share Results R O Eye Focused on Results



Affiliates! When joining affiliate programs:

Merchants! When judging my site to see if you want it in your affiliate program: AffiliateShop

Phd Stream 20

Affiliate Networks! Here are some helpful things:

Millions Club
Brilliant Media Experience has shown that being an affiliate and persisting in the business of affiliate marketing is a way to get rich, but it's not "quick", and patience is of the essence. Steak Affiliates