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Well I'm quite impressed with this, so I've put together this page which tries to explain Affinity Arc Affiliate Resource Centre using some of their own words and some of my own! So, here goes...

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective, cost-efficient ways of increasing brand awareness. It boosts traffic and sales conversion rates, and for some sites it can even enhance the site's "stickiness". The AARC allows merchants and portals to link up, quickly and easily establishing an online revenue-sharing relationship. Supported by a unique piece of tracking software, the AARC reports sales statistics, and provides detailed customer profiling data - an invaluable tool for targeted marketing campaigns.

The AARC provides Portals (that's YOU if you've got a website) with revenue-sharing links to the best-known brands in e-commerce, boosting the income your site already generates at no overhead to you with regard to administration, maintenance or keeping your shopping content fresh. You're able partner with top brands, add exclusive special offers to your site, and gain advance access to new links and special offers.

The AARC gives Merchants (that's YOU if you run a company that could do with selling more stuff) access to a network of e-commerce sites and to an enormous audience of regular online shoppers. All you need to be considered for inclusion is an easy to use website with a clearly stated returns policy, and a secure shopping basket system (which AARC can provide for you, if needed). You pay commission only on results - actual sales made. Gain advance access to email campaigns to promote your special offers to our enormous audience of regular online shoppers.

AARC is part of Affinity Internet Holdings plc which is a provider of white-label, Internet and telecoms services and technologies to major brands, including Tiny Computers, Powergen, Royal Bank of Scotland and Egg. Founded in 1995, Affinity employs over 200 people in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region and is listed on the London Stock Exchange (UK:AIH).

Affinity Affiliate Resource Centre will pay me £1 if you sign up, and will pay you £1 for each new affiliate you sign up. But that's not the main point - the point is that affiliate links bring in a huge amount of business to companies on a commission-based principle, which means we all do quite well. So, if that sounds interesting, link on this link coming up next, write a letter to Julie, and welcome to the affiliate business!

Here's where the link was:
(was http://arc.aftraxis .com/processClick.asp?linkID=721&portalID=215&linktype=standardLink )

Special Note: Something is not how it should be, as the link has stopped working, as have other AARC links at this site. Hopefully this will all be working again and the company will be back online again at some time, but in the meantime the links have had to be replaced with alternatives. See affiliate marketing companies

Sad as it may seem, Affinity Arc has not returned. It's a shame.

What are COOKIES anyway? Here's an explanation taken from the Terms & Conditions at Affinity Arc: "This website makes use of Cookies to facilitate on-line shopping. A Cookie is a small piece of information stored on a PC's hard-drive. The use of Cookies is an industry standard. You may disable the storage of Cookies by altering the options on your Internet browser. Typically your cookies (from Affinity Arc) will be set to automatically disappear after 30 days."