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R.O.EYE - Focused on ResultsR O Eye Focused on Results

Did you know? R.O.EYE is an affiliate marketing agency. In fact, having launched in 2004 R.O.EYE was are one of the first affiliate marketing agencies. In their own words they say "We differ from a network in level of service we offer to both affiliates and client.  Essentially we manage fully outsourced affiliate programme for our clients and for our affiliates we always attempt to go the extra mile in terms of the support services we offer. The kind of assistance we can provide to affiliates is:

R O Eye Focused on ResultsThis is very good for PR, and as well as being an affiliate marketing agency, R.O.EYE is also an affiliate marketing company. The good diplomacy at R.O.EYE is such that they're happy to work with other affiliate marketing companies such as OMG UK and TradeDoubler, and also have some affiliate merchants in-house on their own affiliate marketing which is Tracktor.co.uk and which we're hoping to get an affiliate link for soon.

A good example of merchants on the in house affiliate marketing company program are: Plumbs the upholstery and home interiors specialist, and TD Waterhouse the share dealing service. Plus, the Freedom Finance affiliate program is now with R.O.EYE. I'd guess there will be more of these in time, but it's early days yet.Tracktor

Meanwhile, to be good for business, here is the link:



R.O.EYE - focused on results.

I think it would be good if they had an affiliate recruiter program!

Note about the name: It is R.O.EYE in capitals and with dots in the appropriate places, and not RO Eye, Ro-eye, etc. However, when spoken it can sound like R.O.I. which means Return on Investment, which is quite appropriate.