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Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Programs explained in ways which everyone can understand

An easy explanation of AFFILIATE PROGRAMS would be best if I explain it from different points of view. Affiliate marketing seems quite different according to how you approach it. Trees are oxygen generators, scenery, timber, or home, depending on whether you're an ecologist, tourist, lumberjack, or squirrel. With that in mind, and to find out if you're a squirrel, here are some perspectives from which the affiliate business can be viewed:

[profile stereotypes begin!]

1. If you're The Customer, you're probably RIGHT, and it would be nice if when you're wheeling your customer choice wagon or virtual shopping cart around, people gave you some respect for having the good sense to make a wise choice in your buying. It's your money, and you have the right to choose where to spend it. Don't you think the companies should acknowledge you for having some intelligence? What kind of a statistically normal person do they think you are?! Wouldn't it be good if "the market" was more customer friendly? When you're buying it's fun because you get to make free choices and exercise your buying power, but you have to be careful. Buying from the shops and buying from private advertisers and from anyone who has a "for sale" label stuck on something, it's all very well, but good sense is the key to customer satisfaction. Then along comes the option of BUYING ONLINE. Is that risky? Or is it safe? Do you trust the advertisements? And how do you buy online? Will you need a shopping trolley with tank tracks, caterpillar tracks, or will a 4x4 drive be good enough for the terrain? If that's you, The Customer, here's a good explanation of what affiliate marketing is about

2. If you're a merchant, a proprietor, a shopkeeper, a company director, someone with business premises and a commercial enterprise, or a marketing executive in charge of the publicity and sales of a company, or generally any kind of business person with the idea of making money selling products of any kind, and you're looking at the possibility of selling online, advertising online, and increasing your market share and all that corporate stuff which ends up with a "bottom line" of actually making money, then here's what affiliate marketing can do for you

3. Now for affiliates, no previously existing physical business is required, nor much capital outlay. If you've got a website, or you're thinking about having a website, and you would like your website to make money, then maybe this is more your kind of thing. You know people like to go surfing around the Internet and it's good when they visit your website. "Your website" could be any sort of website about anything, and yet it's in essence a set of web pages existing in cyberspace, existing in a virtual world, waiting for people to come along and visit. Opportunity knocks, but in cyberspace no-one can hear it squeak, except for those who have the lobes. Affiliate Marketing is a way of your website making money, honestly, without too much fuss, in a virtual world. If this appeals to your webmaster sense, here's how affiliate marketing helps your website

4. If you run an affiliate marketing company, good luck with your Hosting being saved from having any downtime! Also, you might be interested to see my thoughts as an affiliate in the guide to good affiliate marketing company practice