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It's a fact that stuff which is seen in advertisements isn't necessarily the best Advice. This concept is explored in the review "Advisements". Zyra's site offers a lot of Advice as well as Advertisements.

Here are a few of the items of Advice here at this site:

How to find stuff

How to Save Money

Net Lawman - legal advice online!

How to defend yourself against computer viruses

Advice if you are new to the Internet

Is buying online safe? What are the dangers of buying online?

Advice about cosmetic Surgery

Advice about buying a Computer

How to Complain

How to get a website FREE

Write Your Own WILL
Additional advice about this at Wills.org.uk

How to save yourself from DEATH due to carbon monoxide

Beware of Rogue e-mails, especially the Nigeria Scam!

Not believing in the myth of ISO9002/ BS5750

How to cure various horse-related problems

Various problems to do with DVD

Good Hotel Guide

How to Get a Website

Good Affiliate Marketing Companies Guide

How to change your Internet Browser Homepage

Open Office / Star Office is a multi-platform business software package

Linux is a free operating system

How to set up and run your own Business

Beware of Pyramid Schemes

What you can do about interference on the radio or TV

What to do about nuisance phone calls

Advice and useful info about the telephone

Guides to Good and bad practice

How to avoid disappointment on The Lottery

How to avoid being robbed when in a hotel room

Advice about affiliate programs

Advice about disposal of confidential waste

How do you catch a bird that has fallen down your chimney?

Legal Matters

What to do about bunged-up payphones that won't give you your money back

Body-piercing and body-modification

What's wrong with my houseplant?

Take care when typing in a web address! - Down with Cybersquatters!

Common mistakes in website design and how to avoid them

A piece of advice to manufacturers of generic prescription drugs

Technical Support

Inventor Resources

Easy explanation of what BYTES are

How to count how many characters (bytes) are in a book

What is Linux?

How to clean a mouse

Bottled Gas; the right way to do it

Correct use of the apostrophe - also see Less or Fewer ... and also Whilst v While ... and other Matters of Good English

How to Park a Car

Good and Bad practices in e-mail

How to hide your phone number when making a call - even on a mobile phone.

In theory at least, Watchdogs are supposed to ensure Good Practice within the field they watch over!

You Should Get a Bank Account

When giving to charity shops... Shop Around!

Removing Creases from Leather / Leather Cleaning / Leather Repair

Help in case of problems with link pages at this site

How to get your phone to work on those PRESS THE NUMBERS ON YOUR KEYPAD systems

Advice about the PS3 - things you should be aware of before you buy a PS3

How to deal with Spiders in the Bath

How to stop being afraid of spiders - and other things. (Note: There are no spiders on that page)

What to take with you when travelling - checklist

How to have your own scrapheap

My Emigration - advice by example

How to stop the squirrels from getting at your nuts

When selling a house in Costa Rica, which is better, Private Sale or Property Agent?

Career Prospects for people who are Different in some way or other

If you're going to fit a dartboard, don't put it on a door!

How to be able to press the RECALL button on your telephone even when the phone itself has no RECALL pushbutton to start with

Various Survival Advice

How to Safeguard your Data While on Vacation - The perils of the "working holiday" explained and covered in advance of the expedition!

How to tell if you've got mice or rats - which type of rodents have you got?

If you Buy a Slingbox make sure it's New

What to do if your boat outboard motor propeller stops going round

What if you receive an invitation from someone you don't know, to join a network that you've not heard of - practical advice

How to avoid lawnmowing

Advice about choosing your own website name
Plus, additional
advice about choosing a good email address

How to weigh a cat

How to get out of debt

Credit Limit is an illusion

Choosing the right power supply

What to do if your start button and clock have moved - a Microsoft problem

Hidden Problems to be aware of in Power Cuts

You can take better pictures, even with a cheap camera, by knowing about the deceptive delay (especially important in cheap cameras with sound-effect shutter sounds).

How to Restore Soft Biscuits to be Fresh and Crisp Again

How to Avoid getting a Hangover

How To Use Toilet Paper

How to get semi-skimmed milk and whole milk out of the same bottle

How to Store Things if you are a Hoarder

What to do if your electronics gadget goes in the water

How to Mend an Office Chair

Some Advice about Price Comparison Sites

The Wisdom of Gaming

How to Repair a Roof using Edam cheese skin

Don't let the neighbours cut your trees

InBrief.co.uk - UK legal advice about a variety of subjects

What to do if you've let Microsoft tempt you into upgrading and you don't like the agreement and you want to go back to how your computer was BEFORE

Claiming against someone by no-win no-fee legal services. Worth getting advice about... Accident Claim Line and other no-win no-fee lawyers. Also see free legal advice about accident claims

Also, financial and legal advice at UK Advice including UK Bankruptcy Law at the page of UK Bankruptcy Law (was http://www.ukadvice.com/bankruptcy/bankruptcylaw/index.html) - Free advice on bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures of IVA in UK. Bankruptcy (was http://www.ukadvice.com/bankruptcy.htm) defined as settlement of Liabilities in UK law has defined as the settlement of the liabilities of a person or organization that wholly or partially is unable to meet financial obligations. - Those links had become "broken links" according to Xenu, and they were being somehow redirected to pages that had little to do with the subject. However, the site http://www.ukadvice.com/ is, as far as we know, still on the go, so probably they've not got the same deep linking policy that we have?

We don't sign unfair contracts. You too should avoid signing unreasonable unfair contracts. See guideline to smallprint clauses. Good companies should avoid having bad contracts, as it puts off affiliates who have good sense!

More being added all the time.

Some other useful advice sites to know are: AdviceGuide.org.uk , Advice UK , Just Ask.org.uk , InBrief.co.uk , and for benefits entitlement EntitledTo.co.uk

"a convenient and private way to get amazing and accurate advice from some of the best Love and Tarot Psychics the Internet has to offer. Keen allows you to connect live, for immediate advice on life's issues via their telephone".

Doesn't have to be UK, you know. International links are welcome!

Also see Misconceptions