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How to Weigh a Cat
Method to Find the Weight of a Feline Animal without the usual uncooperative problem

Weighing a cat is surprisingly easy once you know how. No special equipment is required.

If you've ever wondered how much your cat weighs, this need no longer be a mystery.

Here's the method:

1. Weigh yourself on the bathroom scales while keeping hold of the cat.

2. Weigh yourself on the same bathroom scales but without the cat.

3. Subtract the two results. The answer is the weight of the cat.

See, this is perfectly practical, and gets around the fact that the cat won't stay in one place long enough to be on the scales in isolation, and also the fact that neither the kitchen scales nor the bathroom scales are designed to weigh catlike weights.


* Yes, the method works for small dogs too, but if I'd said "dog" in the title, someone would sooner or later hurt themselves trying to lift a huge great hound onto the scales.

* Scientific accuracy is reasonably good, and you can neglect the weight of cat hairs left on you after the initial weighing.

* You don't need to be in the nude to get an accurate measurement.

* If you need to weigh several cats, it's best to weigh them separately rather than all at the same time.

* The use of public weighing scales for this method is cautioned, as it may end up with both you and your cat having to find your way home independently.

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