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Pictures of Cats

Photographs of feline animals, cat pictures, images of moggies, depictions of grimalkins. It is indeed a photo gallery of cat pictures. You can see higher-resolution versions of these cat pictures by selecting them...

a cat sleeping on a computer that had been converted into a flower
pot* A cat sleeping on a computer that had been converted into a flower pot

Link on the image or see cats/computer/flower-pot to see a larger higher-resolution version of this picture.

Dinner is served!* The eating-habits of cats. Eight out of ten cats said they preferred the Sunday Lunch. What they don't expect is to actually Be Given the Sunday Lunch, especially served up with a glass of wine. Special point of note: To people such as the person who wrote in and said "I think your a sicko to put cats near wine and to have them drink it.", a fact to learn about cats is that they are very finicky about what they eat and drink, and nomatter how good the vintage, they DON'T DRINK WINE! They will of course eat the Sunday Lunch however.

Link on the image or see cat and wine to see a larger higher resolution version of this picture.

The eyes of the cat!* This cat is a bit shocked, surprised, or concerned, and is flashing its headlights as a warning.

Link on the picture or see the eyes of the cat to see a higher-resolution version of this.

Also see the DoubleTaker CatCam

CAT - but is it real?* Is this Cat real? Maybe it's starting to become real?

Link on the image or look at the questionable cat to see a larger higher-resolution version of this.

Clover+ Clover: A cute, soft, smug, photogenic cat. If you like to see cute pictures of cats, this is exactly the kind of image you'll be looking for.

To take a closer look, you can find about this cute cat here, or click on the picture.

Cat Caption Uncompetition+ What's going on here, you might ask. But even if you ask, you might not find out. It is a matter of musing, however, and possibly an excuse for a Cat Caption Uncompetition which you can't enter. You can also click on the picture to find out more and to see if this makes any more sense (clue: it probably won't).

Cat in the Bath+ Nightshade: This cat likes to play in the bath, much to the amusement of those who might regard this as curiously incongruous.

Link on the photograph or find out about the cat in the bath here if you'd like to see some higher quality images.

a ginger cat captured by the Digital Rebel+ This picture of a ginger cat sitting on the garden pond is included to show off the Canon EOS350D Digital Rebel snazzy 8 megapixel camera.

Link on the image or have a closer look at a ginger cat to see a considerably higher quality image of this picture which is itself taken from a larger image.

Wild Cat+ This Scottish wild cat was a fierce looking beastie for sure, and if you met this on a dark night it would thankfully be for only a very short duration as the cat would probably feel similarly keen to keep the encounter as brief as possible.

Link on the image or here if you dare to see a larger scarier higher resolution variant of this.

SuperCat+ SuperCat: Zap! Pow! Splat! Mice don't stand a chance. So, the writers of the story had to make adjustments to balance things up a bit.

Link on the photograph or see Supercat for a higher quality image of this.

Window-shopping cat* Window shopping cat.

Amazing what you see available these days in the shops! See Window Shopping Cat for higher res and caption.

Cosiness* A cat in a picture of extreme cosiness

I can SMELL a bargain I think* I'm sure there's something in these bags of shopping that needs further investigation.

Link on the photograph or see I can smell a bargain to see a higher quality image of this.

Cat Litter Robot+ Space travel for cats? Actually, it's more of a "convenience".

For more about this see the Cat Litter Robot. It might look like sci-fi, but when you read the story it will all make sense.

Multi Cats on roof* Whatever is going on here?! Multiple cats seen on roof?! There is something odd about it!

Link on the photograph or on Multicats to see a slightly higher quality image of this and some shpiel about it.

Camouflage - the perfect disguise Zyra modelling shot, which includes a spotted big cat, apparently at a railway station.

Link on the photograph or on Zyra with a Cat to see a slightly higher quality image of this and some shpiel about it.

Pregnant CatPregnant Cat

A good-value pregnant cat carefully estimating her weight and take-off potential in order to jump onto the top of a brick wall. The picture is especially of interest, as this is known to be a good value cat which is also a pregnant cat, with the likely outcome of there soon being kittens which are likely to develop into good value cats. Plus, for a cat of variable weight to make a jump like that, considerable skill is required.

Surprised Looking Cat Surprised Looking Cat

Link on the photograph or on Surprised Looking Cat to see a slightly higher quality image of this and something more about this.

BeforeAfterKen, managing director of Vanish Cleaning is working on his computer and the cat has arrived to help. However, the cat has no tail. Fortunately the office also contains the admin for the Linda Moghul Salon of Transmogrification where one of the services available is digital alteration of people, so, even though this is not what is usually meant by a retail business, adjustment of the cat was relatively easily performed.

Link on the images or Tail of the cat! to see larger higher-resolution versions of this.

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Grimalkins? To qualify for being a Grimalkin, a cat has to be quite a high-level cat, typically an old female cat, of the type that may have magical powers. Hence the ancient term "grimalkined" or "to be grimalkined", ie bewitched by the cat.

Spelling: Please note that this page is "Pictures of Cats", because it contains photographs of feline animals. If it were "Pitchers of Cats" it would presumably be people who throw cats, or maybe cats in large jars. Anyway, it's not Pitchers of Cats, it is Pictures of Cats! If you're having trouble with your spelling, you may find this website helpful, as the quality of the language in use is quite good.

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