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Super Cat


Here we see SuperCat in super meditative mode practising the art of catching mice and birds by just thinking about it. In the waking state, SuperCat's powers to defeat small critters are so awesome that a special super cat outfit has had to be put into use to limit the cat's ability and to give the opposition a fair chance. This might sound a bit odd but it is typical of writings about superheroes as the story writers need to actually have a STORY, otherwise the superheroes just always win too easily and it gets a bit tedious for the readers. So, they introduce peculiar weaknesses which the superheroes have to put up with. Usually it's something really contrived such as having a problem with wheat

In SuperCat's epic battle versus a small songbird, science fiction fantasy writers at the scene with computer keyboards to get good coverage of the event, were a bit dischuffed at the absence of textual material produced and the excess of blank pages labelled "notes" in the book, so it was decided to limit SuperCat's lethal powers by the addition of feline sartorial elegance.

Sadly, on the cat-walk, the "cape" turns round to the front, as it is a cat bib.