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Zyra.tv - a site continuously being created and adapted. It's one of the phases of Zyra's website, the primary location for which is org.uk

Anyway, what's a .tv domain and how do you go about getting your own .tv domain? See About .tv Domains

Zyra.org.uk is spread across a few different domains. Just a few examples of the items that happen to be at the .TV part of it are: TopShop Australia, a wild cat, Restore Classics , some feet , another curious picture , and some advice to manufacturers of generic prescription drugs , Region4 DVDs at DVD Orchard, Reader's Digest Australia, online pharmacies (still looking for affiliate programs), Transgendered.net Magazine

Plus: Paramount Zone, The truth about History Erasers, and the Clique, Avecho, Dell, Everyone Does It, Dot TV domainsGerbils: The Alternative Office Shredder, Pigs, a picture of a dead rat, Herbal Health, Jiggling Banners, the Liberation of Tibet, How to Hypnotise a Chicken, and many other interesting pages. It is this last item, the interesting pages which is the clue that there's quite a lot of stuff at this site. Zyra.tv was last updated on Issue141 of this site.

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Whereas some of the other phases have made declarations according to the ICRA Filter, this part of the site does not agree to other people's rules, and it is an important matter of Internet Freedom that this is continued. See Liberty and Idealistic Anarchy

The Tale of the LizardOn Issue121 of Zyra's website, the feature involving Zyra going swimming to get a lizard out of a swimming pool was added. It's not everyone who would go into a pool to catch an iguana! For more about this see... The Tale of the Lizard