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"AVECHO have launched one of the most exciting new email services to hit the Internet. The avecho mailCENTER provides a complete email service that gives totally effective protection from spam and absolute protection from email viruses. avecho spamCENSOR provides our users with a point and click management tool giving complete control over who is allowed to send them email, eliminating all unwanted or unsuitable emails. Unlike all other anti-virus solutions, avecho virusCENSOR does not rely on detection or scanning, there is no software to download, no virus lists, no maintenance, no updates just simple worry free. The service works with any email package on any platform the subscriber does not even have to change their ISP. Subscribing online is simple and after making some straight-forward configuration changes the client is immediately protected from spam and viruses. The avecho email services appeal to any email user, as such the potential market is huge. Subscription to the avecho mailCENTER starts at £75.00 per mailbox reducing to £60.00 per mailbox for subscriptions of 10-50 users".

Well, if you were sick of spam, you could go to http://www.avecho.com and sign up to prove it. But this affiliate program () has gone. So, awaiting its return, here are some other Internet Service Providers and antivirus measures