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Anti-Virus Measures

* How to Avoid Getting a Virus in Your Computer *

As well as looking at the page of Anti-Virus software, there is an alternative way of looking at avoiding getting viruses. This page you are reading now is a Free AntiVirus system, which you don't download into your computer. This anti-virus system is for loading into your own memory, as the methodology you understand will help to save your computer.

This page is to be considered like the safety advert on television where you see how to put a wet tea-towel over a flaming chip pan. The advice is useful, and you don't have to learn it all, but just think about it, as even some of these simple things could save you a lot of trouble. Only time and experience will tell whether it's too late to save your chips.

This advice-based antivirus system is being continuously adapted to defend against new problems. If you've ever been attacked by a virus and can help others learn how they can be defended against it, please e-mail here

Readers of printed copies of this page please note that it can be found online at www.zyra.org.uk/avirus.htm

If your computer caught a virus and sent it to me before 2002/08/05 I would have most likely sent you my Anti-Virus Letter. Not anymore though! Not since... read it and find out