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Test to See if You've Got a Virus

How to test if your computer has caught a virus

Virus writers have made it so easy for us to test for virus presence. This test can be done without even running any software! Here's what you do:

1. Visit AVG online. Note: You don't need to buy anything. You just need to get your browser to try to look at the AVG website. What will happen is that you will either be able to see my affiliate page and follow the links and get "Welcome to AVG" etc, or you'll get "error: server not available" of "404 error" etc.

2. If you can't see AVG's website, then your computer has got a virus. It's as simple as that. But don't panic, because there are solutions. There is plenty of antivirus software available, and most of it does not require Internet access to run!

How this works:

Virus writers were losing, and so to fight back they started doing the sorts of dirty tricky which governments do, such as Censorship. By censoring the Internet and blocking out websites such as that of AVG the antivirus company, they thought they'd give themselves a better chance. Little did they realise they were giving away a free Litmus Test of virus presence.

To be fair, AVG had left themselves wide open to being vulnerable to Internet censorship. They'd been so silly as to set their systems up so that even if you got AVG software on a CD or a memory stick, it was still totally dependent on having Internet access just to install. It's about as daft as having being in a danger area for flooding and having your flood emergency help radio in the basement with no flood protection.

Still, it's nice to be able to have such an easy test for a virus. Just by visiting AVG online and seeing if their website is there, you can spot a virus without requiring running any special software. Also note about this test: If you can't see my affiliate page, then that's being censored out as well. Or, if my affiliate page is there, then check if you can visit AVG via the link. In the unlikely event that AVG should cease having an affiliate link, there'll be instructions on the page on how to get around this.

Understand the logic: If your computer can't see www.avg.co.uk or www.avg.com then your computer has definitely got a virus. However, if you can see those sites, it doesn't mean you haven't got a virus!

If you want to be more certain that you've not got a virus, you could run a variety of antivirus software including AVG , and follow the good practices on the page of how to avoid a virus. However, if you want a paranoid quality solution to be sure of having no virus, there's a way which is even better:

1. Get a completely blank computer.

2. Install LINUX (from a CD on a Linux Magazine).

3. Don't use your main machine to go on the Internet. Instead, use a disposable Microsoft Windows machine for that! (Keeping a backup image of it means you can restore it when it fails).

4. Keep backup files of all your own stuff on portable hard disc drives and keep them in safe places.

The reason this works is because Linux is a proper command-line based operating system which has grown up and gone through its "virus" episode of old, donkeys years ago, and that's now all old hat, and also because no virus can jump across a 3 inch gap of air between the metal cases of machine. No connection, no virus.

Also see Testing if Your Computer Has a Virus by using a blank memory stick!