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This site Zyra.NET is part of Zyra's international website which has oodles of interesting items linked together!

One of the key features of Zyra.NET is the Main Index which has all of the stuff in A..Z order.

That's a picture of Zyra with Panama City in the backdrop. It is true that I used to be British, but the affiliate business does so well that have emigrated to Panama. How about that for a sign of success?!

Zyra International NET now features the North American Categories which include categories in the United States and other regions within the North American Continent.

This eccentric website is continually being developed! There is more stuff being added all the time. At Zyra.NET the Net Pages include affiliate merchants in the Americas and on a widespread International coverage, as well as articles of general interest. Zyra.NET is the home of the page of instructions on How to Get a Website. Now that the world's economies are starting to recover from the credit crisis, it's likely that the United States will recover better than some of the other places, as there has been a change in the way it is run. Therefore, there's a good reason to have a page about the United States

You can also see Zyra's primary site ( site index ) as well as the Zyra.NET index where it's more like an encyclopaedia.

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The primary site is spread across multiple webspaces to spread the bandwidth load. A few of the places which happen to be in this NET webspace are: American Insurance Companies , Jewelry , Azuregreen Metaphysical , Dino Direct , Bissell , Blades Board and Skate , China Guide , Cleopatra's Casino , Datopia dating agency , dStore Australia , eParty , e-World Casino , The Heritage of Indian Tea , New York , New York Times , Best Western Hotels , New York Times Store , Peet's Coffee and Tea , In Memoriam Pete Shaughnessy , Pop's Unfinished Furniture , , Things From Another World , Things You Never Knew Existed , Ulead Software Company , X10 Wireless Technology and home automation electronics , Xoxide Computer , and the list of Independent Affiliate Programs - this is especially of interest! is home of the Encyclopaedia Volume Index which is an alphabetic index of all of the pages within Zyra's website.

A few more items which are at thisZyra status lamps webspace are: National Geographic, The Financial Times, GoldSpeed, Geostationary Orbit explained, Virginia Hayward, Webgains USA, Dancing, Ferrets, Guild, Time Life, Realtor, (and other Real Estate) , Dymocks Bookstore, ING DIRECT savings account, CandleMart, and anything Audio-Related.

This front page was updated yet again on Issue161.

And some more things: A picture, another interesting picture, Biblioz, Cards, Casino Profit Share, CD running without a computer, Circular Issue61, e-mail hiding method, FTP sites, Goldfish, Gilletts Jewellers,, Miles 4 Sale, Orbit Explained, Message from Outblaze, Pharmacy Sources, Playing Cards, Share-a-Sale, Sticky Labels, Swag Mail, Ultralinks, ValueHost of Australia and Good Website Design, plus all these interesting pages <- this is where there's loads of stuff! is a member of this group of interlinks! And it's also part of this much larger setup: . There's a second copy of the Zyra Status Lamps here.

When you're browsing around a big website, you're not in a hurry, are you? Don't let the pace of life get you down and dictate how rushed you should be. However, if you're desperate for time, you could simply remember that this is the .NET website by Zyra, and then you'll know where to find it: Zyra.NET

In an attempt to make it easier to find what you are looking for among the thousands of pages at Zyra's website, there is now a Multisection Index which presents the content as it it were in the volumes of an encyclopaedia!

If you are receiving loads of silly SPAM messages, they did not come from here! By a technique known as spoofing, spam senders are faking-up the messages to look as if they came from faked-up users here. Why? It's anyone's guess! But current favourite theories include jealousy (because this site does so well on honest affiliate programs) or revenge (because the site informs people Never Buy From Spam!).