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BibliOz & BiblioQuest

Established 1994, BibliOz & BiblioQuest International are an Australia based supplier of rare and antiquarian books and out of print books, who will happily ship them all over the world.

In their own words, "BiblioQuest guarantees delivery of ALL items ordered from BibliOz.com or your money back. It is that simple."

So how do you use them? Well, first you see if the book is available from the BibliOz website. If it is, you can buy the book there, and they will handle all the details of making sure that it gets from where it is available right to your door.

If your search at BibliOz doesn't find you a copy of the book you are after, BiblioQuest will, for a small fee do a manual search of all the places that they know of who stock out of print books and try and find it for you.

When you order a search from BiblioQuest, they give you a redeemable voucher for the cost of the search fee, which you can use as part payment for that book when it is found, or for another book that you search for at BiblioQuest if they fail to find it. These vouchers must be spent at BiblioQuest.

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