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Search Engines

Search Engines are a way of finding things you request on the Internet, or, failing that, finding loads of other things you will get interested in on the Internet.

Another idea is looking things up in alphabetical order * (especially shops!)

Blekko: http://blekko.com - early promising results shown. Blekko might replace Google, if Google continues to get worse! See More about Blekko here.

BING: www.bing.com - not to be confused with bingo nor the fellow who sings White Christmas!

YAHOO! www.yahoo.com - now forgiven and updated - see Yahoo. Previously they had fallen out of favour because of Yahoo Problems but that's in the past.

GOOGLE: www.google.com also see this review: Google here

Duck Duck Go: www.duckduckgo.com and www.duck.co - also see about Duck Duck Go here.

YaCy: www.YaCy.net - fully decentralised!

Flat share search engine House Pals

ALTAVISTA: Altavista IMPROVED review (site reference: www.altavista.com)

LYCOS: www.lycos.co.uk (also see Lycos affiliate page)

WWW.37.COM: www.37.com ("searches thirty-seven other search engines")

NORTHERN LIGHT: www.northernlight.com

EXCITE: www.excite.com

HENOO: Travel Search Engine

EntireWeb: www.entireweb.com

C4 TOTAL SEARCH: www.c4.com - gone?

ASK JEEVES: www.ask.com ()

WhatUseek: http://whatuseek.com

ASTALAVISTA: www.astalavista.com ("underground search engine")

GOOGLE LINUX: www.google.com/linux

ALEXA: www.alexa.com - also see Zyra at Alexa ... and now there's something similar at Quantcast

Yandex: Yandex.ru and www.yandex.com

All 4 One MetaSearch! ("combining the power of all the worlds best search engines into one") - http://all4one.searchallinone.com/ (gone)

Discovery Engine

Fyber Search

FocusLook - URL?


WalHello - was http://www.walhello.com/

A few found at i need hits ...



www.burf.com - appears to be cybersquatted


www.subjex.net - that is no longer a search engine apparently







Scrub the Web


http://www.aesop.com or www.exactseek.com


Active Search Results

http://freeemail123.net - appears to have been lost to cybersquatters





http://igwanna.com - Igwanna seems to have gone. However we still have an iguana here!

( http://www.searchengine.com )

( http://www.findonce.co.uk )





INFOSEEK: www.infoseek.com

UKWIZZ: www.ukwizz.co.uk - gone - or www.ukwizz.com

MS SEARCH: http://beta.search.msn.com/

WEBCRAWLER: www.webcrawler.com


e-SiteSecrets - URL - and, is it actually a search engine

MEGASPIDER: www.megaspider.com <- caution! Previously loads of "make this your homepage" instances. Be careful! See HOW TO RECLAIM YOUR HOMEPAGE

METASPIDER: www.metaspider.com

OINGO: www.oingo.com - taken over by http://www.appliedsemantics.com/ and then taken over by Google

FAST Search: www.alltheweb.com

HOTBOT: www.hotbot.com


DIRECT HIT: www.directhit.com (gone?!)

SNAP: www.snap.com

Netscape Search: http://search.netscape.com

Looksmart: www.looksmart.co.uk (gone?!)

Freesearch: www.freesearch.co.uk (gone?!)


411web: www.411web.com - vertical portals

MSN: Microsoft www.msn.com

MATILDA: - making sure of URL

IXQUICK: www.ixquick.com

DOGPILE: www.dogpile.com

COPERNIC: www.copernic.com

SLIDER: www.slider.com

GOPHER: www.gopher.com

VOILA: www.voila.fr

WISENUT: www.wisenut.com

MIRAGO: www.mirago.co.uk

CLUB-EUROPA SEARCH ENGINE: (broken link for many months) <= See special note

ASK THE WABBIT: www.wabbit.co.uk

VALID SEARCH: www.validsearch.com

www.lukol.com - gone?


www.overture.com was goto.com - now taken over by Yahoo


e-Anvil.com (Gone - was http://www.e-anvil.com )

WoYaa! African search engine - was http://www.woyaa.com

MetaSearchAt - gone - was http://metasearchat.com/

Anoox www.anoox.com

Also trying to figure out how to put links in to:


Search Galore


Ah-Ha.com and eFamily.com



Search2 (awin 265)

AllRefer - reference directory

LinkNZ - New Zealand Search Engine - was www.linknz.co.nz - please tell us if this returns!

Special-purpose search engines:

BibliOz and BiblioQuest: search engines for books

FIND SOUNDS: www.findsounds.com



The 3 Click LIVE Flight Search: Airfares Basement

Book Search Engine: Amazon

FIND A TUNE: http://name-this-tune.com

A Lot of Organics.co.uk - the UK Organics search engine.

AGRICULTURAL SEARCH ENGINE: - was http://agricultureinformation.com/cgi-bin/dir/search

Submit your website to search engines HERE

Having trouble with search engines? Here's the problems explored more in Problems with Search Engines ! For an illustrative example see The Mystery of Stamp Demon

Another problem with some search engines is the mistaken time-based bias versus pages. What should happen is that the older a page is, the more favourably it should be is considered in searches. What actually happens is the opposite; there is an ageist prejudice against pages which are older than 1 year. A bias in favour of temporary stuff is not going to favour anything except news. For news, yes there is an excuse. For knowledge, no, the bias makes nonsense.

Trying to find a person somewhere in the world? Good luck on the search engines, and remember that there is a knack to using search engines which isn't obvious. But if you need to find someone and you aren't getting anywhere with this, how about trying People-Finder?

A while ago there was Gobango but that has now gone! You used to be able to make yourself look like a search engine! See How to create your own DIY Search-Box

How to Run a Search Engine

How to Find Stuff * Useful