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Submit your website to search engines...

Publicise! Circularise! Advertise!

Letting the Search Engines know about the existence of your website

(Please read the warning at the end of this page). You can do this yourself by going to each of the search engines, or you can use various systems which can do this in BULK for you! Some of these are:

ADD ME .com (mentioned on the front page)

I need hits.com ...also mentioned on the front page, and now on the new I need hits page!


Links2U <= instant entering into loads of directories. Read the warnings on my page before signing up!

And also a few search engines which we have an affiliate program with...I Need Hits!

Search Galore

Ah-Ha.com & eFamily


WebWurld - paid inclusion portal ()

Search2 (awin)
An interesting point was raised by the affiliate marketing company "This program is now closed on Affiliate Window. Despite our efforts to reconcile all transactions on this program, the merchant has left some transactions pending which will now be removed from the system". Does this mean some affiliates aren't going to get paid - we sincerely hope not!

SEOSP.com - please let me know if they ever link back

Nespeed (was http://www.pcpages.com/nespeed/links.html) - and the philosophy of reciprocal links

and now LYCOS

WebGenius (gone)

MyGeek.com (gone)

Traffic Magnet (problems with PayPal!)

Top50.to (gone)

OneSearch (gone)

SubmitSmart.com (gone)

NOTE: You have to be careful when considering a SUBMIT YOUR WEBSITE TO SEARCH ENGINES proposition. Although some are ok, some which you might see in some places are a scam! BEWARE of spam e-mails offering a search engine pestering service for a huge price per month. This can generally be regarded as expensive and unnecessary, and search engines can do without it. You can usually have your site promoted FREE to most of the good search engines ONCE and that's good enough. Note that this site is a success and has never paid to be submitted to searches ever!

Also, caution is advised regarding the whole "SEO" business, as some businesses will try to convince you to put your valuable efforts into "OPTIMISING" your website, not so it pleases your visitors, but so it fools search engines into thinking it's got to be high on the searches. Page Rank this and that, Optimise this and that, and all that stuff! It makes you sick, doesn't it?! It's become the Science of Search Engine Obfuscation! If this type of thing happened in the education business, then the lessons would be about how to cheat in exams rather than about the knowledge of the subject. Well, there is hope, as many proprietors of honest websites would like websites to be judged on their MERITS not on their "page rank" or other artificial criteria. There's an especially witty work of satire on the subject of Page Rank which you can see at: Page Rank My Girlfriend, which is on the Website of Stamp Demon!