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The website "I Need Hits" is a place where you can get your website submitted to a lot of different search engines. They say at I Need Hits "Driving visitors (hits) to your website". Sounds good! Please read the sensible advice on this page first, though.

Now don't you be put off by the distracting banners which pretend to be oldfashioned Microsoft Windows alert messages and look a bit out-of-place on the latest Linux machines. ineedhits.com are actually offering you a genuine good deal where they will promote your site to search engines FREE. This is an excellent free offer which is worth going for, and they can afford to do it because it helps to advertise their paid-for offers. The paid-for offers are worth looking at too. And if you decide to buy a consignment of website-promotion, it all helps to fund this site. (ineedhits.com also have an independent affiliate program (off their own bat), and it is the easiest to sign up to that I have ever seen. There is no contract to read and no fussy conditions. You don't even have to tell them the address of your site! (I wonder how they know where to pay you?)) Anyway, back to the website-promoting, if you'd like to have your website promoted to lots of different search engines, select one of these flashy banners and give it a try! ...

Special note: You should create an extra new e-mail address for use ONLY for I Need Hits, as you are very likely to receive a large amount of e-mail after you apply. By having a separate e-mail address for this stuff, you'll easily be able to avoid getting it confused with your regular e-mail. I have a similar recommendation when signing up at 123-Reg the domain name contact. More about choice of email addresses here (especially the last paragraph).

Plus, it is with some amusement that I notice half a dozen Nigeria Scam e-mails coming in every day to the I-Need-Hits allocated e-mail address. This has inspired the creation of a new page about having a Sacrificial email address allocated specially for learning about scams. I hasten to add, all this is not necessarily the fault of I Need Hits, and it is probably just that where they've sent our e-mail address and other details to search engines, some scamsters have got hold of the address list as well. You can still use the services of I Need Hits and be safe if you use some commonsense and have separate e-mail address as per the choosing email address advice.

I Need Hits : Independent affiliate program

Update: There is now a new I Need Hits page which is with CJ!