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Concepts - items by concept

A few items to start with, then expanding. Also see Conceptionary

Useful things to know about the PHONE

Prestigious List

GMT / BST - political suspiciousness in the measurement of TIME


Expert systems / relational databases / fuzzy logic

Data capacity specification anomaly

Hair colour

ActiveX and other bad practice in website design

Time Line


Things to be aware of when buying a COMPUTER

Plastic Surgery; personal experience


The World


Shareware Inventions and other good ideas



Notes on Modern Art

The Weird Company

Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll


Belief - various non-mainstream ideas

Xanadu / The Ballad of Kublai Khan

Free Books! Project Gutenberg

PI = 3.141592653589793...

Speed of Light //// Light-Year

The POST / p-mail



Functionality of Microwave Ovens


Advisements (in contrast to Advertisements)


Nottingham Railway Station waiting room; what's wrong with it?

Free Association machine

Write a Diary! - good idea

Elements of the Periodic Table

Skirts for men

Real names

Considerate Design

Web Prices on the Highstreet - motto of Thomson Holidays

Smokeroom - drinking and smoking in speakeasy meetings at home to discuss revolt


FUN Presents


How much is your data worth?


Good Value Cats

The KENCO problem

Zero Tolerance - not so clever

Pack of 52 cards; permutations

Second Life Virtual Reality

Common Misconceptions and How to Defeat Them

TRUTHS not commonly realised

Kettle descaler

Clutters and Hoarders - collectors of junk and stuff that might come in handy someday

What the Hell do You Think You are Playing At?

Fashion labels advertising on t-shirts - how much do people get paid for doing this?

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one hears it, does it make any sound?

No More Internet!

Toilet Roll Middles

Cheer Me Up ?

fish memory

What would tea taste like if it was brewed in a rubber hot water bottle ?


Balloons of exactly the same weight as the air - neutral buoyancy

Things that are not cement

Rosetta Stone


Why BS5750 / ISO9002 is a bad thing


Ever wondered how/why Logarithms work? see Logarithms explained

Available from all good bookshops

Why there is Something rather than Nothing

The expression To Get One's Goat

The Gap Between Rich and Poor

Best Before - expiry time of freshness of food

Radioactive Half Life - expiry time coefficient of decay of atomic isotopes

Most Religions Must be Wrong

What if ALL religions are Wrong?

Dark Energy not what it seems?

Mouses ?! An interesting insight into the way the mind works

Cat Table

Credit Limit

Secession - declaration of independence


How Long is a Piece of String?

Alternative office postage franking machine


Cardboard Boxes in Shops

Like trying to find a needle in a haystack

It's not fair!


The NoNick breaks your security (NoNick Defacer / Shadow Boys) problem

MASS - like weight? Not like Wait for Christmas!

If You're So Smart Why Ain't You Rich?

Autoglass repair, Autoglass replace


WATCH guaranteed down to a depth; putting it to the test


Good Value Cats

Affiliate Merchants - Why should they ever refuse websites?

The Idea that you can shuffle and mix up the letters in words and yet still be able to read the Text