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Scale, limescale, calcium carbonate, - whatever you call it, it can be a nuisance. It is the stuff in hard water, and it sticks to things such as kettle elements, teeth, immersion heaters, electric irons, coffee machines, and the insides of pipes.

I was astonished to find how effective SCALE AWAY by Reckitt Benckiser is. (It's 100% citric acid). There was a shower unit which had become completely bunged-up. There was no water going through it at all. A pack of this descaling stuff (75g for £1.18 from Asda) applied to the unit (technical point: it had to be taken off the wall first!), and the device was completely cured of the problem, thus avoiding having to buy a new shower unit!

However, if you want an electronic solution to the problem, then visit Scale Watcher who take a more High Tech approach, in dealing with Hardwater scale.

Is it true Limescale can reduce the efficiency of your boiler? - well it depends on whether it's electric or gas!