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Whilst I support the rights of a person to live in a smoke-free environment I also support the rights of a person to smoke if that is what they want to do. Unfortunately the UK government in the mid zero-zeros decade took on a nanny-state attitude where they tried to prohibit anything they considered was bad for the person, regardless of what the person's own opinion was on the matter. This type of nonsense had started with the Prohibition Era some time before that, during which Gangsterism and organised crime flourished. You'd have thought, wouldn't you, that the more intelligent governments would have learnt from that lesson and there would be a charter of human rights where it says something like this:

"A person shall be free to take, or refrain from taking, any drug. No person shall be prohibited from taking any drug nor be compelled to take any drug against the wishes of the person".

The British Government, not content with banning most drugs that a great many people took, went on to try to ban tobacco, and to a certain extent, alcohol. A law was passed which made it a criminal offence to smoke cigarettes in public enclosed places. Later, police officers (whose time would usually be spent catching crooks) were posted undercover to spy on people in pubs and to impose fines on anyone who got drunk.

Well, if you can't get drunk in a pub, where can you get drunk? Also, if you're prohibited from smoking in pubs, airports, railway stations, and offices, where can you smoke?

This is where an interesting answer comes in. It is an answer which may lead to a cultural change which could be the undoing of nanny-state governments in their evil attempts to enslave everyone. The answer is: AT HOME. Now the point about that is that people can meet up in someone's home, and drink and smoke all they like. They're not allowed to sell drink and turn it into a pub, but they are allowed to bring along plenty of drink and share. It becomes a private party, a clandestine get-together.

As well as such speakeasy meetings being a chance to enjoy a drink and a smoke, there is also the opportunity to talk and have discussions. I would imagine that at such meetings, popular topics of discussion would include revolution, how to overthrow the evil nanny-state government, and how to subvert the system and bring about a more Libertarian state of life. It is the culture of discontent living under the oppressive regime, and from such discussion may come a revolt.

There is a strong groundswell of rebellion in the UK. The government are regarded in an "us and them" attitude by folk. This is not simply because people don't vote for politicians, or because it's not a real democracy, but because there are feelings of resentment versus authority which have been around since the Norman Conquest of 1066. That's even before the invention of Punk!

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