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Libertarian contacts, links, pro-freedom stuff!

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Libertarian Alliance: Still trying to clarify if it's www.libertarian.org.uk or www.libertarian.co.uk or www.capital.demon.co.uk/LA/ (gone) or www.libertarian-alliance.org.uk (gone) (which is www.khcc.org.uk/la (gone!) )


LIBERTY - campaign against censorship - was www.liberty.org.uk - gone - presumably hushed up by authoritarian powers!

LIBERTY Human Rights

International Society for Individual Liberty (Gone! was http://www.seventhquest.net/isil.org/index.htm)

Amnesty International

Refuse and Resist

Resist Network - generally about resisting the world-assumed dominance of authority

Digital Freedom Network

Libertarian Rock

Libertarian Party USA

Libertarian Party UK - was http://lpuk.org/

Mad Pride

Big Brother Watch - exposing the Orwellian police-state UK

The Freedom Association

The Libertarian International Organisation - was www.libertarian.uni.cc

Privacy International - I wonder what they are doing about the evil Facebook

Your Rights.org.uk - worryingly gone! - was www.yourrights.org.uk

Linux - computer operating system free of Microsoft!

Punk stuff

Statue of Liberty


Libertarian Thought - gone! was http://www.libertarianthought.com/ - domain lost!

Freedom to take Photos in the UK - I suggest the UK government relent on such ridiculous legislation that bans taking photos, or the UK will end up being lumped in with tyranny and oppression like in Iran! Look, even the police are against it!: www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23643922-details/Police+protest+over+terror+law+ban+on+holiday+snaps/article.do

Stand.org.uk - down with ID CARDS! - unfortunately the human rights activists site www.stand.org.uk has gone and has apparently been taken over by cybersquatters. Also see Down with Cybersquatters!

Fair Trials Abroad (was www.fairtrialsabroad.org) and Fair Trials International

No2ID.net - No to ID cards! "We Are Not the Property of Her Majesty's Government" - also see domicile!

Down with ID Cards ! - let's oppose state oppression

Problems with Passports - Only good for Big Brother... oh, and criminals as well!

British Libertarian Party

Having your own independent water supply is a good idea versus state control, even if you're not currently under siege or are worried about medication in the water supply. See Cisterns

The Big Optout - UK 01494 882458 - down with the prediscredited UK NHS Big Brother personal information non-confidentiality system!

Internet Freedom

Freedom of Marijuana in California

International Society for Individual Liberty

Richard Stallman - insists on Freedom

Disco Dave's Tunnel Guide
Helpful guide to digging your own protest tunnels

Freedoms.4t.com and Freedom.is - one of the few Icelandic domains which have realised the fame and potential sadly missed-out-on because of policies of the Icelandic Domain Registry!

Libertarian International - Network of liberty-minded individuals and organisations

Individual I - was http://www.individual-i.com/

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Echelon Watch
Keeping an eye on the people who are keeping an eye on you!
- Gone! was www.echelonwatch.org - Now returned, but seems to have been hacked!

Real Names

Privacy International

Wikileaks - including exposure of war crimes by the USA and the UK during unjustified and futile wars.

Open Liberty Alliance - was http://openlibertyalliance.com

Gender Public Advocacy Coalition - was www.gpac.org

The Advocates for Self-Government

Various problems to do with inappropriate police behaviour in the USA are highlighted under the title "To Punish and Enslave", which may or may not be the way of things to come regarding erosion of personal freedom in the USA, depending on whether people are willing to put up with it.

Center for Democracy & Technology

Freedom for the Tamils in Sri Lanka!

Free Talk Live - Radio

Photographers are not terrorists - Protest against the UK's draconian attitudes to photography in public places! The UK has become a mockery, and some tourists visiting will never come back.


www.jp.dk - Jyllands-Posten - that's the famous Danish newspaper which featured some controversial cartoons. Also see some pro-freedom comment on this by Michelle Malkin

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Cryonics raising human rights issues

Save Camden Market!

American Civil Liberties Union ACLU

Individualist Voice

Total Clothing Rights - was http://www.totalclothingrights.org/mission.htm

LGBT - People should have freedom from discrimination versus sexuality or gender identity. Also see transgendered and furry

TheLibertySHED - was http://groups.msn.com/thelibertyshed

http://extradition.org.uk : Campaign Against Unfair Extradition

- the UK is especially bad! - gone - presumably hushed-up by the government!

Ron Paul - at last the United States has a politician in favour of Liberty and personal Freedom!

Election Fever - an interesting take on Anarchy

The "Freedom is..." art resource at CoffeeStain.net (was http://www.coffeestain.net/freedom/index.htm)

Secession - like a new Declaration of Independence, against tyranny

Doing something against slavery, forced marriages, abuse, and misguided culture

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage - was http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/1931/

Lew Rockwell - anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site

www.healthchoice.org.uk - freedom of choice in healthcare (gone?)

Someone jailed for having a couch? - see http://freekeene.com/

Liberal Vision - various UK authoritarian political spin debunked

http://anti-dmca.org/ - Digital Freedom! / The Right to Read

Eric Raymond

Let's Get Rid of Getty Images

Petition against European software patents - was http://petition.eurolinux.org/ but now it's got a Zope Error

Electronic Cigarettes - It's your health, so it should be your choice whether to inhale this or not!

the persecution of Gavin Webb - a case which shows the British Liberal Democrat party to be less Libertarian than it should be. - gone - was www.samite.co.uk/savethestokeone/

Free Gary McKinnon

Fred Salaff - victim to "guilty until proven innocent" authorities.



Smokeroom - speakeasy in the UK to discuss improving people's personal liberty

Speed Traps - not a matter of safety!

Miscellaneous specific stories of injustice are explained in detail at various independent websites.

Message about a Mental Health Bill Protest


November Coalition - say no to war on drugs

American Free Press

No Liberties - a documentary giving an account of the loss of Civil Liberties since 9/11 - presumably a summary of the way the oppressive government is using the anti-terrorist excuse.

An ironical view taken by Students for Orwell

Coalinga Concentration Camp - where saying anything the underqualified staff don't like is declared to be "verbal assault".


There are also some notable campaigns against Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp

Anarchist Bookfair - www.anarchistbookfair.org - domain lost.

Revolution in Tunisia - an oppressive government is overthrown. Who's next?

The Prisoner and Portmierion - clues are there to be found!

Freedom in Cartography

Save Internet Radio!

100 Watt Lightbulb BANNED? - We protest! People should have a free choice on what type of lightbulbs they want!

Also see the serious threat of PALLADIUM

Freedom of Speech is an important Human Right, (although not as important as is claimed in the "Freedom Index of countries"). Freedom to do what you want, is more important. Also note that Freedom of Speech is easily undermined by those who misuse it. Misuse includes such things as the classic "inappropriate shouting of 'FIRE!' in a crowded theatre", spreading malicious lies, betrayal of people by disclosure of their private information, etc. Such misuses are in some ways more harmful to the cause of Freedom than the obvious freedom-abuser The Establishment!

There is a Human Right to Death as well as to Life
Death with Dignity
www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23385278-details/I want to die: It's my human right/article.do
Exit International

loads more to add here. e-mail

There is a tendency for sites to do with anything Libertarian to disappear. Even sites to do with anything vaguely subversive such as skirts for men or dyeing your hair tend to disappear. Presumably this is because government / authoritarian forces are nobbling these sites. There is suspicion that some of these are being silenced by the state, or "hushed up" by the Establishment. Therefore, do not just bookmark sites, but SAVE the pages on your own computer, and make notes of phone numbers etc.