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Hair Colour

When looking for hair dye, it's good to be able to get bright colours that are bright enough. Bright green, brilliant orange, electric blue, scary purple, that shade of fluorescent pink that jars the sensors in the eye, etc. Having vivid hair colour is symbolic of individualism.

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Here are a few contacts:

Clynol - Crazy Tones range. The Kiwi Green is especially good.

HairCrazy.info - Vivid Hair Colour Specialists

Blondor Creatives - A variety of vivid colours by Wella.

Tish and Snooky's Manic Panic of New York

Directions - by La Riche - Good colours, but not so permanent.


Splat Hair Color

The Funky Hair Group

Style Union - Now you've dyed it you can style it!

Crazy Color by Renbow - Fluorescent available - was www.renbow.co.uk

Search engines may also find "Crazy Colour / Crazy Colours etc"

Crazy Hair Colour.com - Online version of Anna Bee of the Oasis Centre

Also see Directions Hair Dye by La Riche available from Crazy Hair Colour in a range of bright colour including pillarbox red, pastel pink and plum.


The Smart Beauty Range consists of Semi perms (black, copper, blue, red, purple, baby pink and lilac), ultimate blonding kits to achieve them (smart blonde ultimate and smart blonde highlights) and a range of colouring technique products in carmine, copper and chocolate. The colouring and technique packs consist of veiling, undercolouring, tips and highlighting packs - all effects are now totally achievable in the home at a fraction of the cost of a salon.

You can also locate and purchase the "Special Effects USA" hair colour range in the UK which carries some UV reactive colours! Also now stocking: Manic Panic, La Riche Directions, Renbow Crazy Color and Stargazer Hair Dyes
www.tartandiva.co.uk is now www.beeunique.co.uk !

Jerome Russell (Bookmark this page here at Zyra's site BEFORE linking here as it breaks the backlink on some browsers). Lisa adds: "I found permanent PURPLE hair dye - it is made by Jerome Russell (punky). You can purchase it from Bwild.com - they are in New York USA. I would imagine that Jerome Russell UK also has it". However, Turtle writes "I checked this out and they only have semi permanent purple,they have black, burgundy, copper and red, but the purple is semi permanent".

B-Funky and www.punky.com - see Jerome Russell

Goldwell Lumiere - I have heard that this is closer to Permanent than most.

Special Effects Hairdye.co.uk

Colour Rays by L'Oreal - reports suggest it lasts for 2 months or so, fades nicely, and is available in pink and possibly also purple.

Igora Extreme by Schwarzkopf - green, blue, orange, etc (no reasonable deep-linking policy?)

Blue Jean? or Jeans? News on this, as it's likely to be JEAN'S Hair Dye which is a product of Alfa Parf. See www.AlfaParf.hu ... but there is another entirely distinct product which is described as "in a tin (the tin is silver and blue) and has a picture all over the tin with of a pair of Jeans and says “Blue Jeans” You can actually see a pocket of a pair of jeans on the tin". Another comment is that it is likely to be Blue Jeans by Versace Perfume. More info on this will be welcome!

Dream-Gate.co.uk- UK stockists of Manic Panic Hair Dyes! - was www.dream-gate.co.uk/manic-panic.htm

Streekers - temporary hair dye in vibrant colours

Goldwell Elumen - hair colours in yellow, orange, reds, purples, blue and green.

www.excoitaly.com - Italian hair dye called ice cream!

Hair Flair is spray-on vivid fluorescent hairspray, available in cans. Here's a digital photograph of some taken 20 years ago! RGB Photo

Hair Products Online - Vivid-Coloured Hair Dye is among the range of hair products which you can get online, and they've even got an affiliate program. Ooh good!

Still trying to find URLs for some of these, and also trying to find more Really Vivid Colours! - It appears that during the Punk Era it was possible to get fiercer colours than it is currently (2001/04). Or maybe it just seems that way. But then again, perhaps you know different! You can e-mail me

Also see Zyra photo gallery which features the use of some hair colours.

Also see How to Dye Your Hair - was http://www.bebbideki.co.uk/bebbideki/hairdye.php - and other stories

at Bebbideki

AND, HairCrazy.info - information on dyeing hair unnatural colours, plus HairCrazy.com - vivid colours now available.

Plus, there are some Punky / Special Effects specials at Amphigory and Garment District (was http://www.garmentdistrict.com/store/rock/punky/index_punky.htm ) and Good Goth

www.dyemyhair.com - They're back with a new look at www.iDyeMyHair.com !

There are quite a lot of interesting hair products at Hair Supermarket

Plus there is a case of a school losing in a court on a human rights issue: "In the end they'd rather have blue hair in the school than expensive legal writs etc" or words to that effect, at www.libertarianrock.com

One of the most frequent questions to be asked at this page is "Where can I get really bright colours (green, pink, blue, orange, purple, etc) that are Really Permanent?". The problem is that although it's possible to get really good hair colours, it's been an ongoing quest to find any that don't wash out. There is a definite demand for such products, and I urge chemical companies to look into the practicality of the technology!Ginger, not mousey

Anyone can have a vivid unnatural hair colour if they wish and if they dare, regardless of whatever ordinary colour their hair was, but let's not forget that some people are fortunate in having quite a good hair colour to start with. An interesting Natural hair colour? Yes, they are lucky in being Ginger

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