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picture of a ginger cat sitting on the garden pond

a picture of a cat

The cat had come along to investigate the garden pond which had been filled up with muck. Sitting on the new surface where loads of dry stuff had been piled into the pond, a picture of a catthe cat suddenly heard strange sounds and looked around. Take a close look at the quality of the image and see the detail of the fur on the cat is in high definition. The whiskers on that cat are about three pixels wide. This picture shows off the camera as well as the cat. In fact, the original picture was 3,456 pixels across and was a much wider view, The wider view from which this picture of a cat was cutand the piece of the image with the cat included (seen here) was cut out as a postage-stamp sized piece from the 8 megapixel image, taken with a Canon EOS350D camera. This gives us a chance to show off the high resolution of the camera without putting online five megabytes of image to download. More pictures of cats can be seen here, and here's some more about being ginger, or to find out more about the camera, see the stuff about the Digital Rebel