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Felines, moggies, mouse-catchers, grimalkins... Also see Pictures of Cats. Plus, here are a few CAT contacts to be going on with...


A cat sleeping on a computer that has been converted into a flower pot

The DoubleTaker CatCam


Xena Warrior Cat - was www.xenawarriorcat.co.uk - but has disappeared because of Yahoo Geocities

International Cat Association TICA

Cat Focused
"Everything you ever wanted to know about cats" - http://www.catfocused.com domain lostClover - an example of a photogenic cat

Live Nude Cats.com!

Cats at National Geographic
Also see National Geographic

Cat Food
At the time of publishing, we are still waiting to see if Whiskas Supermeat are going to accept this site on their affiliate program. I hope they're not going to be too finicky, like some cats are!

Cat Fanciers Website

Cat Fanciers Association

Cats can see in the Dark - is that really true?

Cats Like Felix - was http://www.catslikefelix.com

Leaping Pregnant Cat!

Catkin Rescue - Help! - was www.catkinrescue.co.uk - lost to cybersquatters darn it!

Manx Cats - tailless cats from the Isle of Man

Cats at Purina - was http://www.purina.com/cats/default.asp

Cat food and accessories from Pet Planet

Upper Ruxley Cattery.co.uk

Weather not good enough out of that door? Let's try another door! Maybe it'll be the Door Into Summer

AtakadCat Litter Robot

Good Value Cats

CatToysRUZ.com - gone
I don't think anyone would seriously get this confused with Toys R Us, who as far as I know don't cater for cats!

Cat Table - putting food out for the stray cats

How to Weigh a Cat

Internet for Cats (was http://www.execpc.com/~judyheim/internet4cats.html)

Cat Mafia - the element of truth being that if you don't have a cat, other cats will come and dig up your garden!

Robin Wood's theory of Cat Gravity


Good Value Cats

Defenestration of the Cue Cat

Yes, it is true, cats catch mice

Cats are also implicated in the strange review involving The idea that you can win on a slot machine by putting a big magnet on it

18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odour - was http://www.stopcaturineodor.com/?hop=zyra1 - even the cat wee link has had to go because of the Clickbank Problem!

Cat health - books by Crosskeys

Catsuits that are all made in one piece

Find out the truth about the Fat Cats of Camelot

How many cats do you feel at home with?! see Cat Valency

Cat Fleas - and how to get rid of them

Cats are often faked-up in movies

Big cats: Tigers in London Zoo

You can get a Space Age Cat Toilet, with a cat litter tray that's mucked-out by a robot. See Cat Litter Robot

Anything else feline? To add more cat sites in here, write in

Also see... DOGS

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