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Estate Agents and Real Estate (International)

Agents for the arrangement of transaction of property, land, buildings. Agreements for ownership and tenure of property. By region or international:



Costa Rica

Belize Real Estate

Real Estate in Panama

Estate Agents in the UK

Homes For Students

Buy It Privately

Housenetwork (awin)

Pure Holiday Homes - estate agents for holiday homes

UK Timeshare Resale - was http://primequk.directtrack.com/z/11979/CD677/ - can this be another problem at PrimeQ?!

Home Swapper

Get the estate agent you want at a lower rate.

UK; Boston (pilot scheme)

Virtual offices in London

City Office - virtual offices in London

NEST Estate Agents - Estate Agents NEST - letting agents

"Whether it is a farm steeped in historic past figures, an architect’s visionary home or a simple cabin amongst the firs, Cape Breton offers a surprisingly varied breadth of properties, capable of satisfying the most orthodox, as well as the most unusual tastes. There are fishing lodges, charming family-style homes and secret hide-a-ways, as well as more remote properties offering challenges to the most demanding survivalist."

Want to find out more about the beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia - Have a look around the island by Taking a tour with Tom.

I Think Property


Easy Roomate

Easy Piso

Holiday Velvet - for holiday rental properties worldwide

Holiday Lets

Renovate Alerts - For when you are looking for property in need of renovation!


That's the One for Me (awin)
Property portal aimed at Estate Agents and Private Sellers to buy and sell properties

Oasis Property / Coventry (was http://www.oasis-property.fslife.co.uk/)

A Home in France.co.uk



Islands for sale

http://www.waterfront-property-for-sale.com - looks like it's been taken over by a cybersquatter

Apartments rental in Buenos Aires
"Apartmentsrental.com.ar offers a large range of furnished apartments in the best areas of Buenos Aires, such as Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano. We provide below descriptions and pictures of the apartments you can rent in Buenos Aires".
- was http://www.apartmentsrental.com.ar

Calgary Real Estate Listings
"Informational resource on the current Calgary Real Estate Market".

Bulgarian Property - Bulgaria - the new Costa Del Sol? - was http://www.bulgarianprivilege.com

Beautiful International Properties from www.myspaceabroad.co.uk. Find your Space with luxurious Bulgarian and French Properties or even property in Dubai.

Soho-Properties - Thai Estate Agency

SayNo2EstateAgents - Exactly what it says in the title! - was www.sayno2estateagents.co.uk

Bangkok property, Thailand, real estate agent
"Siam Partners Group Co., Ltd. Based in Bangkok, leader in residential real estate for sale and rent in the City of Angels, offer one stop service for expatriate, Thai investors and retirees alike. ".

Supertech Cape Town
"Looking for Flate, Supertech Capetown - Supertech Group launches new project Supertech Capetown Sector 74 Noida and offers the 2/3/4 BHK apartments villas also. Flats for sale, Book your Home in Cape Town .Call us : +91-92894-92894"

Rosedale Property Agents - Boston Property Agents

Moving House contacts include the following:

Move Me

Move Out

Speedy Pack

Safe Store

Teacrate Packaging

I Am Moving

The following are Dead Links and form an ossuary. It's a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Avanta - real offices in London

Office Broker - online office search facility

Serviced Apartments - in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham

Sunworld Estates
"Sunworld Estates is fast becoming one of the UK's premier overseas property agents with associate offices in Spain, the Balearics, the Canaries, Cyprus, Florida and Dubai. In these countries we market a huge range of properties, both new and resale, to suit every budget"



New Homes Direct

Property Mentor

House Pals

The Little House Company (awin)

Rapid Home Sale

Inside Right Espana

Select Property
Select Property was established in 2003 with the aim of enabling more people to benefit from the lifestyle and financial rewards of owning a property abroad.

Buy It Privately
Do you really need an Estate Agent?

My Villa Renters (awin)
"MyVilllarenters showcases 100's (soon thousands) of holiday homes and villas to rent online. All made simple to book and pay for online with credit card by the unique Villarenters booking engine".

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Faisal-Khan.net - Off-Market Property Deals
Please tell me if they actually link to this site as they promised.

Buying a Council House

If you have a property for sale, one way to sell it is to put an advertisement up at: My Property For Sale.co.uk

Property agents in the Spanish-speaking world are termed "Bienes Raices" (that link also gives an explanation about what that means).

We decided to sell our very unique penthouse in Milano, in Sansiro Stadium location, in the greenest and more quiet area. Its about 360 sqrmtrs of residence at the eight floor, and an impressive terrace of 300 sqrmtrs 360° view at the ninth floor, where a jardin d'hiver (abt 40 sqrmtrs) offers additional space and atmosphere. In case you are interested to offer our property to your customers, pls let us know so that we can forward you further details. Best regards, David Dello Strologo (owner) 0039-335-8061767 devarim@libero.it