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Islands for sale

This page is about tropical islands for sale, desert islands, islands for sale in general, the idea of freedom and independence, remoteness, tax avoidance, possible sovereignty, setting up your own country, a general purpose wide open category of interest in that realm of research.

Whilst I am not a multi-millionaire (yet), I am independently wealthy, and it is my intention to extend that independence to owning my own island. Also, I'm an idealist, and I am of the opinion that if I became sovereign ruler (benign dictator) of a land, I could make a much better job of it than most well-established conventional countries, and provide people within my dominion a better freedom and quality of life than is found in most normal ordinary countries!

To make a start on this wild idea of freedom, I'm listing a few ISLANDS FOR SALE. Here's a few to start with:

Hatchet Caye - the island is still there but the old domain http://www.hatchetcaye.com/ was lost

Clark Cay (eBay item 1726541804)

http://www.south-pacific-island-for-sale.com - gone

also see...




- Farhan Vladi - gone


www.waterfront-plantation-for-sale.com (gone)

www.waterfront-resort-for-sale.com (gone)

www.waterfront-home-vanuatu.com (gone)




Plus, some of these Panama Property Agents have islands for sale off the coasts of Panama.

Other points of note: There's a difference between owning an island and having sovereignty. Sovereignty is a mixed blessing, as various things have to be budgeted for, such as defence for example! In the case of not having sovereignty, it's a matter of making sure the laws of the country which has the sovereignty aren't too bad. For example, the tax haven status. However I have heard that there exist islands which can be got, including the sovereignty, but the defence issue is covered by a neighbouring state provided they have use of the air-space over the island's territory.

If you've come here by a search engine and would like to explore my site, there's quite a lot of it and it's worth having a look. See site index

Other island-related links: Tokelau domain-names (.tk) are being given away. More about this at the www.zyra.tk . Tuvalu domains (".tv" domains) cost money, but these can be bought for a reasonable price at 123-reg or direct from Tuvalu TV Corporation. Also see Zyra.tv

Incoming message:

A couple of islands got mentioned that might be worth looking at for the location of the new place.

First, the British Virgin Islands, which are going to abolish personal income tax from 2004.

Second, Niue which is an island off New Zealand, with a smallish and decreasing population. see
for population statistics.

I don't know if they will be of interest, but they are worth mentioning.

Useful contacts: www.Immunis.co.uk (was www.immunis.co.uk) - Offshore tax consultancy. Tax planning and offshore companies ...structuring people's offshore affairs to mitigate against tax as well as other diverse offshore matters as offshore banks, insurance companies, second passports as well as Internet gaming. Also see Tax Avoidance.

Another good contact is: www.angelfire.com/nv/micronations/real.html where there are some helpful clues about sovereignty and what makes something a "real country" or not. My own initial thoughts on this are that it's important to have good diplomatic relations with other places.


Plus, if you're interested in finding out more about private islands, you might like to VISIT Richard Branson's private island via Virgin Experience Days