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How to get your own .tv domain name

Tuvalu is a group of small islands in the Pacific. Good luck has favoured this small country as the Internet Domain .tv has its home there. This, the .tv domains, is now Tuvalu's biggest export. You can buy your Internet address with a .tv on the end by using the link at the end of this page.

This looks pretty good, for example Eurovision Shop.TV ,

www.shotgun.tv , Jewellery.tv and five.tv , for just about any business. It's a darn sight better than everyone conforming to the rather COMmon .com form of web address.

You don't need to be a TV company such as www.bbc.tv

or any other kind of TV (?) to have a Tuvalu .tv domain. It's a pair of letters that everyone remembers, - look, I've only mentioned shotgun.tv and Jewellery.tv a couple of times and already you'll never forget them!

If you like to watch the nags, don't forget RacingUK.tv

Also see Zyra.tv - see, it's a concise form of a domain!

Also, to be the owner of a .tv domain you can live anywhere in the world. It's not like .co.uk and .org.uk (see 123-reg) where the country is sufficiently big that people assume we all live there if we're .uk ! Dot TV domainsTuvalu is so small that no-one assumes you are actually living there on a tropical island with a computer and a satellite dish linking you to the rest of the world of the Internet!

How it's done, this Tuvalu .tv Internet domain business, is that the people of Tuvalu have got a company to resell the domains and they have got us to help. Once you've got your .TV web name registered you can have it hosted on just about any ISP anywhere.

Tuvalu domains cost slightly more than .net , .com, .co.uk , etc domains. But not a lot more. Last time I checked it was about £30 Sterling (about $50 US) per year. Not expensive for being Yourself.tv don't you think?

Tuvalu flagPlus, a certain amount of GOOD is to be done by signing up and registering your .tv domain. For one thing, some of the money goes towards the people of Tuvalu, which is just as well because tropical islands in the pacific have a problem known as "The Greenhouse Effect". Rest assured that sea level rises will not be a problem to your domain, but the extra help to the islands may help in some way there.

Also, getting your website established as a ".tv" rather than an ordinary ".com" is a sign of individuality rather than conformity. It's a pro-diversity thing to do. Go on, be different!


www.tv affiliate program was with Commission Junction a while ago.

123-reg.co.uk123-reg.co.ukUpdate 2007: You can still get your .TV domain via 123-reg whom we have trusted well for many years.