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Many of these channels can be received in the UK without having to pay extra on top of the licence fee...

BBC1 / BBC2 - Also see BBC Shop

ITV - Also see ITV Shop



Sky TV subscription tv which can be installed for £1

Sky Ireland

Freeview including BBC3, BBC4 and about 30 other channels free-to-air

UK Satellite and Digital TV

Do you need a

Cheap Telly?

There are also a great many channels which can be received using a MOTORISED STEERABLE SATELLITE DISH which can scan across the ecliptic to pick up a variety of international satellites. Some of the equipment is expensive but there are hundreds of free channels. See Satellite TV in the Spirit of the Shortwave

Subscription channels are also available, by cable, satellite, or terrestrial digital systems.

This page is being updated and there are a lot more links and contacts to be added. If you would like a reciprocal link with YOUR site, please e-mail me and the list will be expanded!

International links are welcomed!

List continues... www.einstein.tv - (website not found 2006/09/02) (domain lost)

Racing UK

Carlton TV (GONE! Was http://www.carltontv.co.uk)

BBC Alba - Scottish Gaelic TV channel

Yorkshire TV (Gone! Was www.yorkshire-tv.co.uk)


Film Four

RAI uno /due / tre

National Geographic

Discovery Channel - also see the Discovery Channel Store




Cinemax and Cinemax LA




Hallmark - was www.hallmarkchannel.tv

Quest TV

Universal Channel - Universal are also on the page of Movie Companies

Warner TV - Also see Warner Bros Shop and WBTV Shop

Cartoon Network - Also see The Cartoon Network Shop

HBO - Also see HBO Shop UK and HBO Store where you can get items relating to what you see on HBO!

Horror Channel

Canal FX


Ten Australia


GM TV - was www.gm.tv

Canada CTV

The Film Zone

True Movies

Nasa Edge

Also see .TV - domain names!