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Sky TV
Sky Digital - a well-known satellite TV company in the UK

SKY Television is regarded by many people as the monopoly provider of satellite television in the UK. There are alternatives, but since SKY TV took over BSB (remember the Squarial?), Sky TV has had virtually a free hand to take over more and more of British television. Now (2004), many sports events have an exclusive contract with Sky TV, so if you want to see them you have to have Sky TV! Do you think that's fair? (see notes at end)

Sky TV: "Sky is the market leading digital TV provider in the UK. We currently have over 6.8 million subscribers and with our leading coverage of sports, movies and top entertainment programmes we know this will keep growing".

Well I don't doubt that statement. I am not surprised that if Sky TV manage to secure exclusive rights to more and more of the available material, many people will feel they have no choice but to sign up if they want to watch it!

SKY TV special offers: If you sign up to Sky TV now, you will almost certainly be lucky enough to be able to join the Sky TV subscribership during one of the special offers! These vary from month to month, so I won't keep updating the page to tell you about each new latest thing. But to take an example, one of the previous offers was that if you signed up to have Sky TV, the installation cost was only £1 (offer only available online) rather than paying the usual £60. Another special offer at a different time was that you'd get six months of Sky subscription free or at a greatly reduced rate. Again, the offer was only available online. This is the usual form, so if you want to get Sky TV, sign up online to get the best offer!

Sky TV: "Ordering Sky digital online is the quickest and most cost effective way to order Sky digital. It only takes a few minutes and you can even select your own installation date".

To go to Sky TV, here's the link:

Link Here to have a closer look at SKY TV!

http://www.sky.com affiliate program is with Affiliate Window. Anyway, why aren't they www.sky.tv ?!

Update 2011/02: Sky TV have decided they don't want this affiliate promoting them! Well how about that? Could it be, I wonder, that they don't like the style of this unusual website, or could it be that they don't like free comment about them!?

Extra notes:

* If you know someone who has "upgraded" their Satellite dish and replaced their old Large dish with a "more modern" little dish, see if you can acquire their old dish. The bigger dish is better and picks up more signal. Also, if you can get someone's old analogue Sky system, you can use it to pick up a wide variety of foreign tv channels. See alternative satellite tv. The best combination is to use a large old dish with a modern LNB (The LNB is the thing on the end of the dish).

* On surveys, be careful when they ask about satellite tv. Whether you've got Sky TV or not, if you say you have got "satellite tv", some companies assume you've got SKY. They then phone from their telesales office and try to sell you insurance, sometimes using a scare story that mending a modern-day wireless set satellite receiver is extortionately expensive and that you'll be liable for this and that. My advice is: Avoid. Be polite, though. Check your Home Insurance to make sure it's covered anyway.

* Installing a Sky dish. Which wall of the house are the engineers going to put it on? Generally you haven't much choice. The dish has to face almost South. That's not so it gets the best sunshine like a plant, but because the satellite is up there in space, over the equator, which is of course South of the UK! Also the dish needs to be tilted slightly up at a particular angle so it gets a clear view of the sky and isn't blocked or closed-in by nearby buildings. Also make sure they use the right kind of cable

* Help! My Sky Box has stopped working!? ... don't panic. A Sky satellite receiver is a small computer in a box. Switch it off at the wall, wait ten seconds, and turn it back on again. Usually it will wake up again and land on its feet. If it doesn't, phone the tech support number in the leaflet that's been hidden under the box. They are very helpful.

* Surplus-to-requirements old SKY Digiboxes are not worthless. They can be hacked and can be used for other things.

* You can still get TV Cables from the specialist supplier.

* SKY TV now in the gambling and bookmaking business! For more info see Sky Bet.

* SKY TV is expanding, even in the recession! 2009/01 Sky TV announced taking on an additional 1000 staff!

* The commercial TV ADS in 2010 feature a family of furry blue monsters "The Spenglers" trying to fit-in with normality, with comical results. In a way it's like the way the various people, who themselves aren't normal, try to conform to normality often ludicrously. Still, in "Meet the Spenglers" the furry monsters manage to get more family time by using the snazzy features of their SKY TV system to record TV while they are out having fun. See, it's a bit like having a VHS video cassette recorder. If you're wondering if you've seen something like The Spenglers before, it's probably because they appear similar to creatures in "Where the Wild Things Are".

* How sad it is! Sky TV have decided (2011/02) that they don't want this affiliate promoting them. Therefore, this page now promotes Alternative Satellite TV to a greater extent instead! Sky TV are missing out!

* Sky TV monopoly has suffered a setback! A Portsmouth landlady has won in the European Courts, which ruled that Sky TV does not have a right to impose a monopoly, and that there will have to be fair competition with Greek Satellite TV networks, etc. More about this at www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12355022 and www.portsmouth.co.uk/lifestyle/tn2-saturday/tv-a-look-back/landlady_given_boost_in_battle_with_sky_tv_over_broadcasting_live_football_1_2374609

* I heard that when Sky TV put the prices up, Virgin Media refused to pay. Well Done to Virgin Media!

* It is possible to use a Sky Box to receive Freesat, but there is a tendency for some of the free channels to be occasionally missing or charged-for, even free-to-air channels!

* Sky TV is to a great extent owned by a huge monopolistic tabloid newspaper empire. The tabloid empire started to collapse when there was bad news that some newspaper hacks had cheated by hacking into people's personal phone messages. As soon as the news of the closure of the "News of the World", Sky TV's share price started to fall. Some people have guessed that the whole of the monopolistic empire is contaminated by bad practices and could start to come undone.

* In the UK it is illegal to hack into people's phone messages. It's also illegal to bribe the police. However, the monstrous empire which is behind much of the problem is based in the United States. Interestingly, though, bribery of the British police is a crime in the USA. It's a Federal Offence, bribing officials in other countries. This could yet be a case of "chickens coming home to roost".

* Freeview and Freesat are free of these problems.

* BT Broadband in 2011/08 have begun promoting versus Sky TV Broadband. My guess is that BT is better connected!

* Sky TV's motto is "believe in better". The trouble is, if you believe in things that aren't true, then it's not much good. It would then not be fact based on evidence and science, but a religion faith-based fantasy, or "Pie in the Sky".