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Home Insurance

Your building and home contents are probably fairly safe, but it would be horrifying if you lost them. Fire, burglary, lightning, flood, things falling out of the sky; Home Insurance takes care of such perils for you, so you don't have to worry so much. Here is a helpful list of companies who offer home insurance:

Endsleigh *

Lloyds Insurance *

The Post Office *

Tesco *

eHome Insurance *

the AA *

Barclays *


Natwest *

Debenhams *

AXA Home Insurance *

Health Plan One *

Nationwide *

Healthinsurance.co.uk *

US Insurance Online *

Electric Insurance Company *

Direct Line *

Direct Line Home Rescue Cover *

Sainsbury's *

The AA *
Yes, the AA insure houses as well as cars

Yes Home Insurance *

Asda Home Insurance *

Churchill Home Insurance *

InsuranceAgents.com *

insNow *

Co-op Home Insurance *

Marks and Spencer Home Insurance *

More Than > Home Insurance *

The following ossuary is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone:

Cornhill *

Castle Cover *

esure *

Bradford and Bingley *

Prudential *

Hiscox *

Virgin *

British Gas *

Liverpool Victoria *



Eagle Star *

Screen Trade *

Norwich Union *

Norwich Union Home Insurance *

Bonaport Insurance *

Zurich *

Privilege *

WebMoney Home Insurance *

Equity Home Insurance *

Halifax *

The preceding is a list of places whose affiliate program has gone

Royal Insurance

General Accident

Morgan Richardson



Special item of home contents insurance: The data on the hard disc drive

Other safety features: Fit a smoke alarm, and make sure that if your phone is cordless it isn't your only phone! (in case of power cut). - see Phone power cut snags

This page of Home Insurance is part of the general insurance feature at Zyra's website. Other insurances "covered" at this site include car insurance , pet insurance , life insurance , travel insurance , health insurance , and various other insurance

If you have a mortgage, your lenders who've stumped up the money to buy your house may be a bit fussy and uppity if you haven't got any home buildings insurance, as they might worry that they'll not be able to sell the remains if it burns down. But if you own your home outright, you generally have a choice on whether to insure it or not. It's a gamble. You may choose to take the risk or to get the risk "bought off". One way to think about buildings insurance is to consider that as the homeowner you have an (un)lottery ticket which is the value of the building and contents. As with a positive lottery ticket on the National Lottery it's unlikely that the numbers will come up. But if the numbers come up on your (un)lottery ticket, you lose your home. Home Insurance companies will, for a sensible fee, take that (un)lottery ticket off you, so they are now gambling on it rather than you. The insurance companies are much better equipped for gambling on potential losses of buildings as they have a widely spread risk and can more easily afford to lose.

FLOODING RISK: There is a curious mistake in the matter of home insurance against flood. Because of the way a postcode or area is lumped together, you may find that even if your house is on top of a hill and will never flood, you may be uninsurable against flood because you are lumped-in with houses near the river at the bottom of the hill. If you find that's happening, I suggest you shop around. There are plenty of home insurance companies on this page, and some of them have better systems than others.