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Norwich Union Logo!Norwich Union

Norwich Union - The Insurance Company who would like us all to be Happy!

* Norwich Union Insurance featured at Zyra's affiliate website *

** Norwich Union is the old name of AVIVA which is featured at some new pages here: AVIVA **

Norwich Union Car Insurance - Insurance for Cars!

Norwich Union Home Insurance - Insurance for your Home and its Contents!

Norwich Union Short Term Car Insurance - Car insurance for up to 28 days! - Shucks! That's already ENDED!

Simple Cover - Keeping car insurance simple!

Norwich Union Van Insurance - Insurance for Vans!

Norwich Union Annual Travel Insurance - Annual Holiday Cover for Unlimited Holidays!

Norwich Union Single Travel Insurance - Single Holiday Cover for Individual Holidays!

Norwich Union Healthcare - Insurance for your Health

Norwich Union Bike Insurance - Insurance for Motorbikes!

Norwich Union - NU Rescue - Car Breakdown Recovery!

Norwich Union Unsecured Personal Loans - Loans for practically anything really!

And previously...

Norwich Union Female Car Insurance - Car Insurance for Females!

Norwich Union Rapid Bonus - Insurance for Younger Drivers!

...although these are no longer current and the pages just help to tidy things up.

A special thanks to our friends at OMG for trying to negotiate a reasonable diplomatic arrangement by which we might continue to promote Norwich Union insurance at this independent website. Also thanks to The FSA for being sensible in understanding freedom of speech. Good public relations are a subject of discussion with those friendly people at Diffiniti, who have been very helpful and give us new optimism that an amicable solution will be reached.

Let's hope that a good business relationship can be maintained. I would consider  Norwich Union  AVIVA to be one of the more open-minded insurance companies, the kind of insurance company who would (for example) insure a diabetic driver or someone whose house was of non-standard construction. I think it's important, especially these days now the world is in a period of progress, to be open-minded and accepting of difference, or to put it another way, to avoid being prejudiced. These days, in this competitive market, insurance companies compete not merely on price or on how tempting their snazzy adverts are, but on how well thought-of they are. Zyra's website features review material about many different insurance companies, many of whom are also well thought-of. I hope that  Norwich Union  AVIVA will continue to smile at being seen to be diversity friendly in the future as they have been in the past.

There is a new set of pages for AVIVA!