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Famous name in Insurance
(The insurance company previously known as Norwich Union)

The insurance company AVIVA has a global presence, and although Aviva was previously well known as Norwich Union, once you start thinking about it internationally, you can see why there's been the name change. "AVIVA" has the same optimistic feel to it anywhere in the world, whereas "Norwich Union" starts to sound rather parochial and historical at a distance.

So, presumably there will be...

Aviva Car Insurance - Aviva Insurance for Cars!

Aviva Home Insurance - Aviva Insurance for your Home and its Contents!

Aviva Pet Insurance - Aviva Insurance for Cats and Dogs

Aviva Travel Insurance - Aviva Travel Insurance includes both Single Trip Travel and Annual Travel

For the aforementioned insurances, we have dedicated pages with Aviva in the titles. The following are legacy pages, and they'll be superseded as time goes on:

Aviva Simple Cover - Keeping car insurance simple!

Aviva Van Insurance - Insurance for Vans!

old Aviva Annual Travel Insurance - Annual Holiday Cover for Unlimited Holidays!

old Aviva Single Travel Insurance - Single Holiday Cover for Individual Holidays!

Aviva Short Term Car Insurance - Car insurance for up to 28 days! - Shucks! Actually that's already ENDED!

Aviva Healthcare - Insurance for your Health

Aviva Bike Insurance - Insurance for Motorbikes!

Aviva Roadside Assistance and Rescue - Car Breakdown Recovery!

Aviva Unsecured Personal Loans - Loans for practically anything really!

In fact, on closer inspection, quite a lot of those have already ended. Still, they may come back. It's a bit like E.ON that was formerly Powergen, and we created some extra pages here. The old pages remain, however.Aviva Insurance

The advertising was very good on TV on the Aviva name change. Various famous people including Alice Cooper were featured, and of course the obvious point is that fame came with the new name not the old.

Anyone, whether a person or a company, can change their name, and it's up to everyone to cope with that. In fact, you can change your name to a single name, if you like, and if you use a Statutory Declaration, then by the 1835 Statutory Declarations Act, the onus is on everyone else to accept it.

I have a certain sympathy with Aviva. Can't you just see them trying to fill in those frightfully oldfashioned outdated forms on computers where it insists on "first name" , "last name" , with an arbitrary mandatory title?! You know, first name: Norwich, last name: Union, title: <all fields compulsory>, so are they Mr or Ms? No! They're not! They are AVIVA! No first-name last-name, and no arbitrary gender-specific title.

By the way, it will take a while for the pages here at Zyra's website to be updated and new ones created. Also, it's rather sad that some of the affiliate programs have ended, so there's nowhere for the links to go anymore. I'm sure the insurance business hasn't changed that much, even in the credit crunch. We live in hope now that the New Buy.at has revived business!

Well Done to Aviva for refusing to be on price comparison sites! That is a good sign, as with Direct Line Insurance

Meanwhile, until we can get the new pages up, you can still visit pages about Aviva (as Norwich Union) here.

Well Done to Aviva for not being on price comparison sites! There's more to insurance than the price. The quality of the cover is much more important. Think about what would happen if you needed to make a claim?