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The Electric Company formerly known as Powergen

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New corporate name, but same good service! In the words of E.ON in 2008: "We are the UK’s largest integrated power* and gas company – generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas – and are part of the E.ON group, the world's largest investor-owned power and Gas Company".Powergen

Here's a more recent (2010) description of E.ON by E.ON:

"E.ON is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies – generating and distributing electricity, and retailing power and gas – and is part of the E.ON group, one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. We employ around 17,000 people in the UK and over 93,000 worldwide.

Here in the UK, we generate and distribute electricity, and retail electricity and gas to millions of homes and businesses across the country. In addition, we offer a range of home energy services, including boiler and central heating repairs and maintenance. We produce electricity from a portfolio of world class power stations and are one of the leading names in green generation. Our trading business is also a major player in the UK's electricity and gas markets.

Renewable Energy

We are one of the leading green developers, owners and operators of wind farms in the UK today. We’ve been involved in wind energy projects since 1992 and now have 21 wind farms located from Cornwall to Northern Ireland. We’re also planning to significantly expand both our on shore and off shore generation.

As part of generating energy from renewable sources we burn biomass material mixed with coal in two of our power stations, and have built the UK's largest dedicated biomass power station at Lockerbie.

These schemes bring income, local employment opportunities, potential tourism and educational interest to the local communities.


Quote & Switch

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Products and Services

Energy solutions for your home

There's more to E.ON than you might think.

Domestic customers can take advantage of our protected prices, internet-only services, heating repairs and maintenance - plus a wide range of innovative energy saving technologies.

Dual Fuel

Take both gas and electricity from E.ON and you could qualify for extra discounts

Electricity OnlyE.ON

A wide range of products designed to meet your electricity needs

Gas Only

Prices tracked against British Gas, no standing charges and much more. See what's available to you.

Energy Fit

Learn more about how we can help you get Energy Fit


Information about prepayment meters including eligible products and any discounts you may be entitled to.

Solar Panels

Helping you save money with home solar power from E.ON SolarSaver

Feed-in Tariffs

Make money by generating your own renewable electricity

Central Heating Care

Protect your boiler and central heating system with one of our care products & services

Our Energy Shop

Latest products to help give you lower gas and electricity bills

New Connections

Ensuring a smooth meter fit process for all UK based developers

Technology and InitiativesE.ON

The latest in energy-saving products

Home Insulation Offers

See how you can benefit by improving your home insulation

Prices and Discounts

Find our prices and discounts for your area

Sustainable Energy

Find out how we can help your business to meet its carbon reduction targetsE.ON


Going Green

Easy ways to do your bit for the environment

We offer advice, products and services that can help you reduce your home energy costs and help you build a sustainable future.

Learn about how you can reduce your home's carbon output and save money on your energy bills".


As well as all that, E.ON is a place where you can get an econometer which tells you how much electricity you are using.

E.ON customers get Tesco points for electricity and gas. It's a special arrangement between E.ON and Tesco.

If you have been tempted by any of this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.eonenergy.com/ affiliate program is now with The New Buy.at

* Info correct at the time of publishing 2010/11/19

There are always new offers, so it's worth checking up at their site to see how these are progressing. E.ON are keen to be competitive with other energy providers.

Link Here to visit E.ON and find out more!

Well done to E.ON for their positive affiliate-friendly policy: "E.ON recognise our affiliates as an integral part of our online strategy, and thus chooses to employ a third party agency to provide a bespoke and personal management service. This proves itself to be the best means of providing our affiliates the personal level of support needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. With a dedicated affiliate management team on hand to support affiliates, industry news and affiliate marketing strategies are relayed to our affiliates at the earliest possible opportunity, giving our affiliates the marketing edge".

Other notes: The name E.ON is to appear in capitals with the dot in the right place. Dedicated affiliate pages about E.ON are encouraged, but E.ON BRANDED landing pages are not! For the avoidance of doubt, this page is not the official E.ON website, and is instead a dedicated page about E.ON featured at Zyra's affiliate website. Also there is none of that silly PPC nonsense here!

It's also quite chuffing to see E.ON are giving away ENERGY MONITORS which are a professional version of the device that was described at Zyra's site some time ago as an Econometer! In practice, such things generally result in you saving a lot of money, because you can see how much energy you are using per time.

* Power? Don't they mean Energy? I mean, E.ON's actual product is electrical energy. That's what you pay for on your electricity bill. "Units" of energy (on electricity bills) are kilowatt-hours. A 100 watt lightbulb burns for 10 hours on one "unit" (kilowatt-hour). In contrast, Power is measured in watts. More about the difference in energy and power here. In fact, come to think of it, those "energy monitors" are actually "power monitors" as they take a spot-reading of the amount of power (energy per time) you are using.