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Safety: In the UK, if you smell gas, freefone 0800 111 999


List of GAS companies

British Gas

the new name for
Also see
E.ON Business

Powergen Central Heating


Scottish Power

EDF Energy

Spark Energy USA

Scottish/Southern Energy

Comparison of different providers

UK Power
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

Energy Helpline
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

Energy Helpline Business
Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

simply switch
Comparison of various providers

Comparison of gas/electricity suppliers

Utilities.me.uk - was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk/gas.htm


Also see supplier switching

How about off peak gas? Have you ever wondered Why there is no such thing as Economy7 Gas ?

Also, did you know that Gas equipment can be affected by electricity failure ?

Powergen Central Heating Care and Maintenance

Gas Safe Register

A special commendation to INSTAGAS (was www.instagas.co.uk) who managed to deliver cylinders of gas to Zyra even though this is difficult.

Get your company included in this list. Write in. If your company is not on this list here, don't be offended, get it included! And if you think the order should be different, (for example with YOU at the top), see the PRESTIGIOUS LIST

Also see: How to save yourself from Carbon Monoxide (which is produced from faulty gas boilers and central heating systems whose flues are blocked with soot).

Bottled Gas; cylinder management problems. See Bottled Gas; the right way to do it

Bottled gas tends to be propane or butane. Mains gas is more usually methane. Methane is sometimes a fossil fuel as it comes out of the ground (for example North Sea Gas). However, methane gas can be generated by more environmentally sustainable means, for example from farmyard manure.

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