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How to save yourself from DEATH due to CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING

If you have headaches and feel tired all the time, check your gas boiler! You might think of Carbon Monoxide as the stuff that comes out of car exhaust pipes, smelly dirty noxious stuff. But the gas itself is without smell or colour, an invisible deadly gas that causes death when it comes from faulty gas boilers and heaters. If soot bungs up the chimney, or if the equipment is sabotaged by your enemies, you may find symptoms of lethargy and headache, and there is a risk of death if the problem is not detected! I nearly died of the stuff myself. And there was also an occasion where I saved some people from death from carbon monoxide poisoning by pointing out that the reason they were all feeling so bad was not the FLU but was because they were being poisoned by the air in the house, and it was because their gas boiler was faulty. The only decent air in the house was that which was in the party balloons! They would not have been celebrating any birthdays next year!

How Carbon Monoxide kills: When you burn fuel it's supposed to turn into Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which is mostly harmless. But if the burning is starved of oxygen, there is incomplete combustion and some of the fuel only goes halfway and turns into Carbon Monoxide (CO1 or CO), which then floats around looking for another Oxygen. When you breathe, your blood haemoglobin is good at absorbing Oxygen, but fifty times better at absorbing Carbon Monoxide. This displaces Oxygen it might have been going to absorb, resulting in effects of asphyxiation but without the "help I can't breathe!" responses!

Carbon Monoxide can not be smelt (although the fumes that go with it can sometimes be recognised by a distinctive smell). However it can be detected by special Carbon Monoxide Detectors. These are not smoke detectors but special gas detectors. They are available. I am trying to get something arranged on a supply of these! Meanwhile, try hardware shops. I seem to remember seeing some carbon monoxide detectors on sale at Wilko, and I have it on good authority that Lloyds Pharmacy do a good line in carbon monoxide detectors. They are not expensive, and can be especially good value for saving your life! (Note that they are not the same thing as smoke detectors).

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If reading this review saves your life, I'd be reet chuffed to hear of it!

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