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To have arrived at this page you will most likely have been so motivated about something you saw at one of the many pages of Zyra's website that you felt the need to write in.

If this is not so, please visit the Contact page and see if you can find what you are looking for described there.

As you are still with us, you must still want to write in about a particular page, so here's what you do:

Thanks in advance for your comments. They will be taken into consideration. Please be patient. Any required changes may take a while to happen. If we need further clarification we will be in touch.

Folk without JavaScript may also communicate by writing to an e-mail address composed by using the word "operator" followed by @ followed by zyra.org.uk

Also, if you've got a Microsofty thing saying about "protect your security" (it's a laugh isn't it - Microsoft protecting your security!), it's up to you if you want to allow JavaScript or if you'd like to write in manually using the address made up by preceding zyra.org.uk with an @ and preceding it with the word "operator".

This page replaces the old e-mail page which demonstrates a clever anti-spambot technique as an alternative to the JavaScript e-mail hiding method. This new improved page also gets around the AOL problem which was also mentioned.