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Yes, it's true! You can write to this site! Zyra.org.uk accepts incoming messages! However, there are some things to consider when writing in...

It gets very busy here sometimes, but we usually manage to read all the genuine incoming e-mail messages. Messages coming in to this website are filtered to make sure they are genuine, polite, reasonable, etc. Messages are dealt with according to their nature.

* Messages of a commercial nature, offering for sale goods and services or business proposals, should go via the Trades Entrance. Provided these messages are written by people and sent to us in good faith, and not sent in bulk by spam-sending systems, it's quite likely that they'll be looked at and may even be responded to.

* Requests for a LINK are dealt with separately. See Link Request

* If you are writing a personal message to Zyra, please feel free to write in. There is a good chance that any reasonable messages coming in to Zyra will be read, and, after a while, possibly replied to. This may take a while however, so please be patient. See Zyra's e-mail page

* Website matters, bug reports, and other helpful comments to do with this site can be sent via the general purpose "customer service" kind of page email.htm, as can any other comments which don't fit the other categories.

Historical note: The old security method involving the email spam revector was finally obsoleted 2012/06/02 from the front page. Also see email system to avoid spam